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A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet structure having relocatable properties composed of a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and non-adhesive solid particles; characterized in that the non-adhesive solid particles having a diameter smaller than the thickness of the adhesive layer and an average diame ...

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A dispersion of solvent-suspendible pressure sensitive adhesive particles, which comprises (A) pressure sensitive adhesive particles comprising an internally cross-linked copolymer and having a particle size of 5 to 200 microns and an organic solvent; the copolymer being prepared by copolymerizing

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Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet material having the ability to be applied to paper and removed therefrom without lifting fibers or delaminating the paper. The otherwise conventional pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied to the backing by spraying, resulting in a non-repetitive pattern of adhesive ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for sticking a wafer which enables to do direct die-bonding and furnishes a semiconductor package with high reliability; and a semiconductor device which can be produced at a low cost and is excellent in temperature-cycle resistanc ...

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A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet material for delivering estradiol to skin, the sheet material comprising a backing with a layer of a pressure-sensitive adhesive adjacent thereto, said pressure-sensitive adhesive layer comprising a pressure-sensitive adhesive polymer, two or more skin penetration ...

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A flexible self-sustaining backing is coated with a stable viscous copolymer latex formed from monomers of (1) major amounts of certain alkyl acrylates, (2) minor amounts of certain emulsifier monomers, and (3) if desired, minor amounts of zwitterionic monomers, and the water evaporated from the lat ...

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A body, which may have a tubular or dome-like shape with an open top and bottom, has a wall with one or more elongated slots extending along the wall from the top toward the bottom. A cauterizer blade may be drawn through a slot in any suitable orientation to wipe debris from the blade. A mounting, ...

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The present invention disposes an easily releasing layer on a surface intended for dicing tape sticking of a dicing ring frame to thereby enable preventing the transfer of an adhesive substance to the ring frame for use in semiconductor wafer working, reducing the frequency of cleaning of the ring f ...

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This pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet of improved conformability and splitting resistance which may be advantageously employed, for example, as a surgical drape or used in tape form or as part of a surgical bandage comprises a flexible polyurethane foam web which is compressedly set to less than ab ...

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Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes or sheets containing nitroglycerin whose release and retention are regulated. Process for the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes or sheets containing nitroglycerin, in which a rubber base adhesives applied on a backing is coated with softeners containin ...