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A prefabricated building panel having a layer of cellular plastic such as polyurethane foam, to one face of which are bonded bricklike facing elements spaced from one another. A granular material, such as sand, is adhered to and embedded in the cellular plastic between the facing elements to give th ...

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An improved multi-layered panel, sometimes referred to as a stress skin panel, has a highly insulative multi-layered core located adjacent to one skin or alternatively located between two skins bonded to or otherwise rigidly affixed to the two outside surfaces of the core. The core of the multi-laye ...

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An assembly of extruded thermoplastic structural components for use in the construction of a building, each structural component including an elongated rigid sheet member provided with at least two integral lengthwise edgewise rails. The structural components include first flat wall structural compo ...

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A prefabricated building panel, sometimes referred to as a stress skin panel, having a core which may be comprised of a single layer or may have multiple layers of material and into which core is incorporated, or encapsulated, borates in the form of borate compounds similar to TIM-BOR.RTM. in an amo ...

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The invention relates to a prefabricated building panel which may be used in particular as a flooring element. The prefabricated building panel is constituted by a block of insulating material, particularly an expanded polymer material and a framework formed of at least one stiffener or bearer eleme ...

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A prefabricated load-bearing wall panel has a layer of concrete attached to a plurality of spaced apart parallel metal wall studs. The slab support is achieved by flexible bolsters secured at spaced locations to each stud and fastened to a reinforcing mesh embedded in the concrete slab. The bolsters ...

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A building assembly for efficiently and economically constructing walls, roofs, and floors for a building assembly that utilizes a prefabricated building panel made essentially of a plastic foam core with a thin coating of plastic resin or acrylic and portland cement applied on each side for structu ...

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A prefabricated building panel capable of bearing weight supporting loads, comprised of a pair of spaced apart rectangular metal frame members which are joined along one side by fastening bolts holding them in rigid relationship with respect to each other, and which have on their opposite side a loc ...

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A structural panel for use in building construction and other applications has an internal rib structure with the ribs interlocked to form a two dimensional matrix. The ribs have tabs that are fitted into openings of facing sheets of the panels. This structure results in a strong prefabricated build ...

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An improved prefabricated building panel suitable for use as a wall and/or a roof panel for buildings said panel having a center core with an inner and outer skin coupled thereto by means of a pultrusion.