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One step process for producing formed Ta/Nb powder metallurgy products using Ta and/or Nb hydride powders with an oxygen content greater than a target level, e.g., 300 ppm, heating the metal hydride in the presence of another metal having a higher affinity for oxygen, removing the other metal and an ...

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The sputter target includes a tantalum body having tantalum grains formed from consolidating tantalum powder and a sputter face. The sputter face has an atom transport direction for transporting tantalum atoms away from the sputter face for coating a substrate. The tantalum grains have at least a 40 ...

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Discrete pressure-rupturable microcapsules for lubrication in powder metallurgy are disclosed comprising a core and a solid shell surrounding said core; the core comprises an organic liquid lubricant able to wet powdered metals, the shell comprises a thin non-atmospherically degradable polymeric mat ...

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A method of producing a high-density article is presented comprising selecting one or more primary tungsten-containing constituents with densities greater than 10.0 g/cc and one or more secondary constituents with densities less than 10.0 g/cc, co-milling the mixture of constituents in a high-energy ...

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A crucible for growing III-nitride (e.g., aluminum nitride) single crystals is provided. The crucible includes an elongated wall structure defining an interior crystal growth cavity. Embodiments include a plurality of grains and a wall thickness of at least about 1.5 times the average grain size. In ...

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A high density metal component manufactured by powder metallurgy is disclosed. The powder metallurgy method provides metal components having a density greater than 95% of theoretical density using a single sequence of uniaxial pressing and heating. The metal components are manufactured from substant ...

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This invention relates to a double composite structure comprising cemented carbides embedded in an austenitic stainless steel matrix forming a wear, impact, drill and corrosion resistant shape by powder metallurgy techniques. Molten metal is then cast around the composite structure forming the body ...

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A method of forming a sputtering target and other metal articles having controlled oxygen and nitrogen content levels and the articles so formed are described. The method includes surface-nitriding a deoxidized metal powder and further includes consolidating the powder by a powder metallurgy techniq ...

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A method is described for producing articles having a metal core, an intermediate powder metallurgy layer, and an exterior wear- and chip-resistant layer on the portions thereof requiring the same, which comprises:

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A silicon layer solar cell comprises a low resistance silicon substrate produced by powder metallurgy, to which an active silicon layer is applied. The invention also includes a method of producing such a solar cell.