Mark Clench: Matrix diamond drag bit with PCD cylindrical cutters. Smith International, Robert G Upton, October 15, 1991: US05056382 (36 worldwide citation)

A drag bit mold fabricated from high temperature resisting material is machined to accept cylindrically shaped polycrystalline diamond cutters (PCD) having tungsten carbide bodies. Each of the multiple PCD matrix pockets in the mold is formed by two independent non-parallel end mill passes. The firs ...

Eric F Drake, Harold A Sreshta: Rock bit hardmetal overlay and process of manufacture. Camco International, Jeffery E Daly, October 19, 1999: US05967248 (35 worldwide citation)

Methods of forming a new wear and abrasion overlay formed with the steel surfaces of components for earth boring bits, and the components formed by the methods are disclosed. The overlay comprises a hard material particulate containing a metal carbide and an alloy steel matrix. The volume fraction o ...

Guy B Alexander, Ravindra A Nadkarni: Metal articles having a plurality of ultrafine particles dispersed therein. Leach & Garner Company, George W Dishong, July 28, 1992: US05134039 (33 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a process for the electroless plating of easily reducible metals onto ultrafine, usually inert, particles. Such plating is achieved through careful and accurate control of such parameters as the feed rates of the various solutions, the control of pH of the solution, th ...

Adrian M Beltran, Myron C Muth, William F Schilling: Method of fabricating composite structures for water cooled gas turbine components. General Electric Company, Jerome C Squillaro, February 6, 1979: US04137619 (33 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for fabricating complex composite components for water-cooled, high temperature gas turbines. Each component comprises a core, a thermally conducting layer of copper bonded to the core, metal tubing through which water may pass embedded in and bonded to the layer, and a corrosio ...

Holger J Koenigsmann, Paul S Gilman: Textured-grain-powder metallurgy tantalum sputter target. Praxair S T Technology, Iurie A Schwartz, August 3, 2004: US06770154 (33 worldwide citation)

The sputter target includes a tantalum body having tantalum grains formed from consolidating tantalum powder and a sputter face. The sputter face has an atom transport direction for transporting tantalum atoms away from the sputter face for coating a substrate. The tantalum grains have at least a 40 ...

Charles F Yolton, John H Moll: Method for atomizing titanium. Crucible Materials Corporation, Clair X Mullen Jr, October 1, 1985: US04544404 (33 worldwide citation)

A method for producing titanium particles suitable for powder metallurgy applications by atomizing a free-falling stream of molten titanium. Prior to atomization the molten titanium is maintained in a crucible lined with a solidified layer of titanium which separates the molten mass of titanium from ...

Vijay K Chandhok: Method of hot pressing using a getter. Crucible, November 16, 1976: US03992200 (32 worldwide citation)

A method and assembly for producing compacted powder metallurgy articles wherein powdered metal of a composition corresponding to that desired in the article is introduced to a porous mold corresponding generally to the desired configuration of the article, the mold is placed in a container sealed a ...

Prabhat Kumar: Powders and products of tantalum, niobium and their alloys. Cabot Corporation, Thomas E Kelley, Martha A Finnegan, December 3, 1996: US05580516 (31 worldwide citation)

A powder of tantalum, niobium, or an alloy thereof, having an oxygen content less than about 300 ppm, and the production thereof without exposure to a temperature greater than about 0.7 T.sub.H. A powder metallurgy formed product of tantalum, niobium, or an alloy thereof, having an oxygen content le ...

Robert Lacock Cairns, John Stanwood Benjamin: Iron-chromium-aluminum alloys with improved high temperature properties. The International Nickel Company, Miriam W Leff, Ewan C MacQueen, November 16, 1976: US03992161 (31 worldwide citation)

A powder metallurgy product comprising iron and chromium, and/or aluminum and characterized by elongated grains that are stable at elevated temperatures.

Gerald Albert Gegel, Eric Allen Ott: Sinter bonding using a bonding agent. Caterpillar, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, April 22, 2003: US06551551 (31 worldwide citation)

A method for joining powder metallurgy components, in particular, those made by metal injection molding is provided. The method includes providing a first and a second powder metallurgy compact each having a bonding surface and a bonding agent including a binder and fine particles. The bonding agent ...

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