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A method of making sheet bar and other precursors of formed products to be made by extensive working. The method includes providing a powder metal, preferably under 100 PPM oxygen content of non-spherical particles, compacting the powder into a coherent precursor form of at least 100 pounds, whereby ...

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A rolling cutter drill bit is disclosed having cutters manufactured by powder metallurgy techniques, said cutters having gradient composite metallic structures in the cutting areas arranged to reduce or eliminate physical and metallic discontinuities and stress risers.

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A cutting insert having a cutting head and a coupling shank integral at one end thereof with the cutting head and including a screw threaded portion. The cutting insert is formed by a powder metallurgy process of compacting and sintering and the screw threaded portion is constituted by a substantial ...

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Firearm slugs formed from a non-toxic lead substitute that includes tungsten. In some embodiments, the firearm slug is formed with a recessed back portion, thus shifting an increased percentage of the slug's net mass toward the front of the slug. In some embodiments, the firearm slug is formed with ...

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The present invention is embodied in high performance p-type thermoelectric materials having enhanced thermoelectric properties and the methods of preparing such materials. In one aspect of the invention, p-type semiconductors of formula Zn4−xAxSb3−yBy wherein 0≦x≦4, A is a transition metal, B is a ...

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A process for shaping penetrating projectiles useful in the manufacture of military ammunition, comprising: preparing an alloy of tungsten, nickel, iron and copper by powder metallurgy, compacting the alloy mass into a rough shaped blank having an axis of revolution, sintering the rough shaped blank ...

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A drag bit mold fabricated from high temperature resisting material is machined to accept cylindrically shaped polycrystalline diamond cutters (PCD) having tungsten carbide bodies. Each of the multiple PCD matrix pockets in the mold is formed by two independent non-parallel end mill passes. The firs ...

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Methods of forming a new wear and abrasion overlay formed with the steel surfaces of components for earth boring bits, and the components formed by the methods are disclosed. The overlay comprises a hard material particulate containing a metal carbide and an alloy steel matrix. The volume fraction o ...

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The present invention provides a process for the electroless plating of easily reducible metals onto ultrafine, usually inert, particles. Such plating is achieved through careful and accurate control of such parameters as the feed rates of the various solutions, the control of pH of the solution, th ...

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The sputter target includes a tantalum body having tantalum grains formed from consolidating tantalum powder and a sputter face. The sputter face has an atom transport direction for transporting tantalum atoms away from the sputter face for coating a substrate. The tantalum grains have at least a 40 ...