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A method is disclosed for forming roller cutters and also for forming cutting teeth for rolling cutter bits, including cutter inserts, cutter teeth formed in place, or formed separately and welded in place, etc., by powder metallurgy as a densified powder metallurgical composite of at least two vary ...

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An embodiment of the article comprises a metallic body formed, by a powder metallurgy technique, of steel powder and tungsten carbide particles, and forged, having a total density of not less than one hundred percent. The method, then, comprises (a) the powder metallurgy steps of forming and sinteri ...

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A sintered hard metal compact for use in earth-boring bits comprises 80 to 94% by weight tungsten carbide particles, 5.4 to 18% by weight cobalt particles and 0.6 to 2.0% by weight nickel particles wherein the ratio of cobalt to nickel is approximately 9:1 by weight. These materials are formed accor ...

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A powder metallurgy article formed from a Co--Cr--Mo alloy powder and a method for making the article are disclosed. The Co--Cr--Mo alloy powder contains, in weight percent, about 0.35% max. C, about 1.00% max. Mn, about 1.00% max. Si, about 26.0-30.0% Cr, about 5.0-7.0% Mo, about 3% max. Ni, about ...

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A drag drill bit includes a plurality of cutter assemblies comprising synthetic polycrystalline diamonds which are held by brazing material within dimensionally controlled pockets formed in the drill bit matrix. The method of manufacturing the bit includes forming the drill bit head by powder metall ...

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A cladding process is disclosed wherein hard carbide cutter inserts, as well as polycrystalline diamond composites, are metallurgically bonded into an exterior core of a rock bit cone or a drag bit body. The cladding is bonded onto the exterior surface of the core of the cone or the drag bit by a po ...

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A milled tooth shaped rotary cone drill bit for drilling oil wells and the like manufactured using a powder metallurgy process in which an alloy powder is pressure molded into the desired bit shape, sintered, and precision machined.

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A rotary drill bit is manufactured by a powder metallurgy process by placing a metal mandrel in a mold, packing the mold with particulate matrix-forming material, infiltrating the material with a molten binding alloy, and cooling the assembly to form a solid infiltrated matrix bonded to the mandrel. ...

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A method of manufacturing by a powder metallurgy process a rotary drill bit including a bit body having a plurality of cutting elements mounted on the outer surface thereof comprises the steps of forming a hollow mould for moulding at least a portion of the bit body, packing the mould with powdered ...

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A method of manufacture of objects by consolidation of powdered metals, alloys, ceramics, or their mixtures is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of preparing a shaped, preferably ceramic, shell, placing it inside a metal or ceramic can, filling both the shell and space between the shell and ...