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A portable spa has a recirculation system with an automatic vacuum breaking mechanism for preventing objects, such as small children, from becoming lodged at the discharge opening at the bottom of the spa. The recirculation system includes a vacuum sensor adapted to sense the amount or rapid change ...

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A portable spa including an audio system designed to use the spa shell as the sound generating device. Transducer devices are mounted within an enclosure which is bonded to the spa shell so as to couple the sound vibration energy to the shell so that sound can be heard when using the spa.

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A high-efficiency portable spa is provided for therapeutic and recreational use which includes a tub, a flow generator for circulating water in the tub, and a two-section insulating cover. A heat generator is located adjacent an outlet of the flow generator uses a constriction member in a fluid pass ...

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There is disclosed a portable, hand-held massager in combination with a therapeutic spa. The massager has a fluid motor that is mechanically coupled to a reciprocating massage pad. The fluid motor is detachably connected to the pressured fluid system of the therapeutic spa and, for this purpose, has ...

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A spa has (a) a bath having an upstanding wall; and (b) a pump assembly removably mounted to the wall of the bath. The pump assembly comprises (i) a U-shaped cover having a dry leg, a wet leg, and a mounting groove formed therebetween, the wet leg of the cover having an inlet port and an outlet port ...

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A lift mechanism (15) for the cover (13) of a portable spa or hot tub (11) comprising a pair of compressible struts (21) and upper and lower hinge mechanisms (24 and 23) is disclosed. The preferred lower hinge mechanism (23) includes a torque tube (25) rotatably mounted through bushings (31) housed ...

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A portable spa including a base platform sufficiently dimensioned to support one or more occupants and being of an inflatable structure capable of being expanded or collapsed for use or storage respectively. A containment wall is interconnected between the base platform and a support frame so as to ...

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A spa pool has an enclosing wall that has at least one inflatable chamber, and a plumbing system retained in the interior of the wall. The plumbing system includes a plurality of jet nozzles, and a plurality of hoses that couple the plurality of jet nozzles. The wall can have two openings that commu ...

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A spa is provided wherein fluid circulation equipment is disposed on a movable tray to facilitate maintenance work on such fluid circulation equipment.

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A spa pool assembly has a pool that has an enclosing wall defining an interior. The assembly further includes a jet nozzle unit removably coupled to the enclosing wall and positioned in the interior, the jet nozzle unit housing a plumbing system and at least one jet nozzle. The assembly further incl ...