George G Glenner, Caine W Wong: Polypeptide marker for Alzheimers disease and its use for diagnosis. University of California, Irell & Manella, May 19, 1987: US04666829 (259 worldwide citation)

A novel polypeptide, Alzheimer's Amyloid Polypeptide (AAP), is provided in substantially purified form which is isolated from amyloid deposits in patients with Alzheimer's Disease. The polypeptide has the following amino acid sequence: ##STR1## The polypeptide, or fragments thereof, may be used to p ...

Michael E Silver: Method for treating neurodegenerative diseases. THE WILLIAM M YARBROUGH FOUNDATION, King & Partners, April 24, 2018: US09949943

A method for treating neurodegenerative diseases including the step of administering an isothiocyanate functional surfactant to an area affected by a neurodegenerative disease, wherein the isothiocyanate functional surfactant comprises at least one isothiocyanate functional group associated with an ...

Wong Caine W, Glenner George G: Marqueur polypeptidique de la maladie dalzheimer et utilisation a des fins diagnostiques, Polypeptide marker for alzheimers disease and its use for diagnosis. The Regents Of The University Of California, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, April 24, 1990: CA1268131

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A POLYPEPTIDE MARKER FOR ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND ITS USE FOR DIAGNOSIS A novel polypeptide, Alzheimer's Amyloid Polypeptide (AAP), is provided in substantiallypurified form which 18 isolated from amyloid depositsin patients with Alzheimer's Disease. Thepolypeptide has the ...

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