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A dispersion of water soluble or water swellable polymer in water immiscible liquid is made by reverse phase polymerization utilizing a dispersing system comprising a polymerization stabilizer and the resulting dispersion, optionally after dehydration, may be distributed into water utilizing a distr ...

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An aqueous dispersion of a melt processible, non-elastomeric copolymer of 80 to 99.5 mole percent tetrafluoroethylene and 0.5 to 20 mole percent perfluoro(n-propyl vinyl ether) and its preparation by gelling, drying, grinding and fluorinating the polymerization medium is disclosed.

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1440168 Polymer dispersions and their preparation ROHM GmbH 7 May 1974 [7 May 1973 14 March 1974] 20093/74 Heading C3P A polymer dispersion comprises a continuous organic phase which is not completely miscible with water, and an aqueous phase comprising a water-soluble polymer dissolved in, or swell ...

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1328835 Vinyl acetate polymer dispersions and their preparation VIANOVA KUNSTHARZ AG 16 Dec 1970 [19 Dec 1969(2) 9 July 1970(2)] 59764/70 Heading C3P Aqueous polymer dispersions are prepared by polymerizing in aqueous medium using a redox initiator system, 70 to 95% by weight of vinyl acetate with 5 ...

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ABSTRACT A dispersion of water soluble or water swellablepolymer in water immiscible liquid is made by reversephase polymerisation utilising a dispersing systemcomprising a polymerisation stabiliser and the resultingdispersion, optionally after dehydration, may bedistributed into water utilising a d ...