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Polyesters such as polyethylene terephthalate or polybutylene terephthalate are provided with a flame-retardant finish by addition of calcium salts or aluminum salts of phosphinic or diphosphinic acids.

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Multilayer thermoplastic composites comprising (a) a layer comprising a polyamide molding composition, (b) a layer comprising a polyester molding composition, and (c) an adhesion promoter intermediate layer (a) and layer (c) find use as structural components in the electrical engineering, machine pr ...

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A filled polyester molding composition which, based on the weight of the total composition, comprises (a) from about 5 to about 40 weight percent of a polyester resin; (b) from about 60 to about 95 percent of tungsten metal filler; and (c) from 0 to 20 weight percent of an impact modifier with a spe ...

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A flame-retarded polyester molding composition having improved physical properties comprising