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Disclosed is a method of assaying a high concentration of a substance in a liquid sample with a polarographic cell. The cell contains an electrode assembly that includes a reference electrode and a hydrogen peroxide sensor electrode having a laminated membrane covering the liquid sample contacting f ...

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A polarographic cell for measuring partial pressure of oxygen in a fluid in which the detector electrode and the reference electrode are immersed in an electrolyte at least partially absorbed in a rigid insulating material.

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A system for electrochemical measurement of glucose concentration in an undiluted test sample, e.g. blood is provided containing a sensor including a three-layered contiguous membrane. The membrane has a thickness of 50 to 130 microns, and is composed of a 1 to 10 micron thick first layer, a 10 to 3 ...

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An apparatus and method for polarographically determining the amount of oxygen in a gaseous mixture containing interfering reducible gases such as nitrous oxide is disclosed. The invention has particular application to the determination of oxygen in nitrous oxide containing anesthetic gas mixtures. ...

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Sensitive, fast-response apparatus is described for the detection of the presence of (a) aerobic or facultatively anaerobic bacteria, (b) certain body cell breakdown products in body fluids or (c) unusual contamination of the ambient by aerobic bacteria. The method employed, which enables dynamic, c ...

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Apparatus and method for the measurement of a cell current. A polarographic cell, which may be a two or three electrode system, furnishes a cell current which is a measure of a particular constituent of a material under test in the cell. The electrodes are continuously washed by a buffer solution wh ...

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An instrument for measuring the concentration of a wide variety of important chemical and biochemical substances is provided which comprises an enzyme based voltametric sensor, and electronic circuitry for conditioning an output signal from the sensor. The instrument includes one or more aqueous oxi ...

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An electrochemical cell (10) having a structural organization that permits it to operate as either a galvanic or polarographic cell. The structural organization includes an electrolyte reservoir (E) comprised of a solid-like material such as a gel to releasably hold a liquid electrolyte therein. The ...

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This invention relates to a method and apparatus for rapid quantitative determination of .alpha.-amylase in aqueous samples such as blood serum, etc. The method comprises a flow-through of the sample through various immobilized reagents contained in sequential stages. A scavenger stage initially rem ...

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Polarographic cell impedance components which are potential dependent are detected by applying a high-frequency and a low-frequency voltage simultaneously across the cell. The variation in impedance produced by the low-frequency voltage results in amplitude modulation of the high-frequency current t ...