Katsuyuki Musaka
Natsuki Makino, Keisuke Namiki, Kunihito Ide, Junji Kunisawa, Katsuyuki Musaka: Plating apparatus. Ebara Corporation, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack L, March 8, 2011: US07901550 (2 worldwide citation)

A plating apparatus can form a plated film having a uniform thickness over the entire surface of a substrate without a change of members. The plating apparatus includes a substrate holder, a cathode contact for contacting a conductive film formed on the substrate so that the conductive film serves a ...

Hui Wang: Plating apparatus and method. ACM Research, Morrison & Foerster, May 21, 2002: US06391166 (213 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for plating a conductive film directly on a substrate with a barrier layer on top includes anode rod (

Daniel J Woodruff, Kyle M Hanson: Apparatus for electrochemically processing a workpiece including an electrical contact assembly having a seal member. Semitool, Rockey Milnamow & Katz, June 27, 2000: US06080291 (182 worldwide citation)

A plating apparatus, such as for electroplating of semiconductor wafers or like workpieces, includes a plating contact including an annular contact ring having an annular mounting portion, and an annular electrically-conductive contact portion extending inwardly of the mounting portion. The contact ...

Virgil E Schuster, Reginald K Asher Sr, Bhagubhai D Patel: Method and apparatus for adjusting plating solution flow characteristics at substrate cathode periphery to minimize edge effect. Motorola, Charles R Lewis, Walter W Nielsen, March 19, 1991: US05000827 (100 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for electroplating metallized bumps of substantially uniform height on predetermined terminal areas of a substrate. Cup plating apparatus includes elements for adjusting parameters affecting the geometry of the substrate relative to the plating cup, as well as flow rate of the ...

Kenneth J Lowery: Electrolytic plating apparatus and method. American Plating Systems, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, December 5, 1995: US05472592 (86 worldwide citation)

An apparatus (10) for electrolytic plating of a substrate (44) includes a tank (14) in which a shaft (30) is centrally mounted for rotation about a first axis (28). The shaft carries an arm (40), on the distal end (112) of which is rotatably mounted a fixture wheel (44). The substrate to be plated i ...

Ronald I Apfelbaum, Stephan Eckhof, Alexander Haas: Osteosynthesis plating apparatus and method with extension plate. Aesculap & Co KG, Barry R Lipsitz, Douglas M McAllister, November 11, 2003: US06645208 (86 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for immobilizing adjacent bone segments. An osteosynthesis plating system is provided for fixing or immobilizing several pieces or segments of bone utilizing screws which may be screwed into the segments of bone through openings provided in the osteosy ...

Kenneth J Lowery: Reciprocating anode electrolytic plating apparatus and method. American Plating Systems, Christensen O Conner Johnson and Kindness PLLC, September 23, 1997: US05670034 (71 worldwide citation)

A plating system (10) for plating a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer (116) in an electrolytic tank (12). A fixture wheel (14) is mounted within the electrolytic tank to rotate about a first axis (140). The fixture wheel receives the semiconductor wafer and supplies electrical current to the p ...

Gerald W White, Jack C Volkers: Gasless ion plating process and apparatus. Illinois Tool Works, Jerold M Forsberg, Thomas W Buckman, August 3, 1982: US04342631 (70 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a new and improved gasless ion plating apparatus and process which eliminates the prior need for electrically isolating the substrate from the evacuated chamber in which the plating process is performed. In accordance with a disclosed embodiment, one or more substrates to be plate ...

Cyprian Emeka Uzoh, Homayoun Talieh, Bulent Basol, Douglas W Young: Workpeice proximity plating apparatus. Nutool, Pillsbury Winthrop, October 7, 2003: US06630059 (62 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for plating a conductive material on a semiconductor substrate by rotating pad or blade type objects in close proximity to the substrate, thereby eliminating/reducing dishing and voids. This is achieved by providing pad or blade type objects mou ...

Shuji Kishi: Apparatus for forming a metal wiring pattern of semiconductor devices. NEC Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, August 1, 1995: US05437777 (62 worldwide citation)

A plating apparatus for forming a wiring pattern on a surface of a semiconductor wafer by causing a plating liquid into contact with the surface of the semiconductor wafer, comprises a storage tank storing and heating a plating liquid, a plating tank provided adjacent to the storage tank and having ...

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