Gaetano F D Alelio: Polymerization products of vinyl-terminated polyimide derivatives. Plastics Engineering Company, Walter J Monacelli, September 18, 1979: US04168360 (16 worldwide citation)

Novel, unsaturated polyimide-polyester polymerization products and processes for their preparation are disclosed herein. The polyimide-esters from which the polymerization products are derived are derivatives of anhydride-terminated aromatic polyimides, from which they are prepared by esterification ...

Phillip A Waitkus, Bohumir Lepeska: Oxirane polyimide copolymers. Plastics Engineering Company, Walter J Monacelli, July 7, 1981: US04277583 (15 worldwide citation)

The copolymers disclosed herein comprise the reaction products of polyoxirane or polyepoxide compounds with amine-terminated aromatic polyimides. The reaction of the oxirane group with the amine group produces hydroxylamine groups which connect the polyimide portion with the polyepoxide precursor po ...

Chung J Lee: Fast crystallizing polyalkyleneterephthalate resin compositions. Plastics Engineering Company, Walter J Monacelli, December 21, 1982: US04365036 (14 worldwide citation)

The fast crystallizing polyalkyleneterephthalate resin compositions disclosed herein contain 0.025-2 percent by weight of NaI in the form of a selected complex of sodium iodide (NaI) and an organic compound, such as a polymeric compound, which contains at least two recurring units of the formula --C ...

Ralph T Brotz: Apparatus for camera mount on tripod platform. Plastics Engineering Co, Robert T Johnson Registered Patent Agent, April 3, 2001: US06209830 (14 worldwide citation)

This present invention discloses apparatus for mounting a camera on a tripod platform and the camera having a pear shaped ball attached to the camera bottom and the pear shaped ball placed into a cradle cup attached to the platform of a tripod, which makes for a rapid mounting or removal of the came ...

Gaetano F D Alelio deceased, Phillip A Waitkus: Vinylacetylene-terminated polyimide derivatives. Plastics Engineering Company, Walter J Monacelli, May 28, 1985: US04520198 (14 worldwide citation)

Novel, unsaturated vinylacteylene-terminated polyimides and processes for their preparation are disclosed herein. These new polyimides are derivatives of anhydride-terminated aromatic polyimides from which they can be prepared by amidation to provide new unsaturated amide groups having a terminal gr ...

Patrick A Tooman, Bruce Casey: Valve gate assembly. Plastics Engineering & Technical Services, Warn Partners P C, September 15, 2009: US07588436 (13 worldwide citation)

A valve gate assembly for regulating a flow of molten material into a mold. The valve gate assembly includes a movable valve that can be positioned between a fully closed position and a fully open position. The valve gate assembly further includes an actuating system operatively cooperating with the ...

Gerry R Krippner, Dean F Gaffney: Portable clean molding apparatus and method of use. H K Plastics Engineering, Mind Law Firm, Jeromye V Sartain, July 1, 2008: US07393373 (13 worldwide citation)

A portable clean molding apparatus for receipt of molded articles ejected from a mold machine. The apparatus includes a receiving chamber having a first interior space and a selectively openable first door, a secondary chamber joined to the receiving chamber and having a second interior space and a ...


Louis L Korb, Phillip A Waitkus: Vitreous carbon. Plastics Engineering Company, Walter J Monacelli, May 26, 1987: US04668496 (13 worldwide citation)

The vitreous carbon disclosed herein is prepared from the molded product of a moldable composition produced from co-reacted mixtrues of powder or otherwise blendable form of 20-80% by weight of a phenolic-furfuraldehyde Novolac resin and of 20-80% by weight of a phenolic-aldehyde resol resin dispers ...


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