Peter H Gagne, Peter J Morrisroe: Plasma emission source. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, E T Grimes, F L Masselle, December 16, 1986: US04629940 (62 worldwide citation)

An impedance matching network for continuously and automatically maximizing RF power transfer to a plasma emission torch includes a dual phase detector network. Signals from the detector network control, via a control unit, a variable impedance network.

Barton Mass, Robert LaFrenz, David LaFrenz: Expanding plasma emission source microorganism inactivation system. Innovatech, Frank D Gilliam, April 25, 2000: US06054097 (34 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for disinfecting material such as a fluid stream, (e.g., water) or various objects (e.g., packaging, fruits, vegetables) using a high temperature expanding plasma emission source (EPES lamp) to generate intense pulses of ultraviolet light primarily in the 200-400 nm range. The ...


Gerhard A Meyer: Conical DC plasma emission source. The Dow Chemical Company, December 23, 1986: US04630924 (1 worldwide citation)

A DCP spectrometer emission source for creating a conical high temperature plasma through which an aerosol suspended sample is able to penetrate which generally includes at least three D.C. powered electrodes, a base structure for circumferentially spacing the electrodes about a central axis, and an ...

Lili Qie, John R Jacobsen, Kumars Sakizadeh, Zhipeng Song, Jayshree Seth, Chi Ming Tseng: Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions. 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY, Jean A Lown, February 13, 2018: US09890301

A pressure-sensitive adhesive is provided that is a dried product of a latex composition, which is formed from an emulsion composition. The latex composition and the emulsion composition are also provided. The emulsion composition has droplets that contain various monomers plus a (meth)acrylate poly ...

Robin E Wright, Margaux B Mitera, Richard L Walter, Jayshree Seth, Janet A Venne: Methods for producing an at least partially cured layer. 3M INNOVATIVE PROPERTIES COMPANY, James A Baker, January 3, 2017: US09534133

Methods for producing an at least partially cured layer by applying a layer including a (meth)acrylate-functional siloxane to a surface of a substrate, and irradiating the layer in a substantially inert atmosphere with a short wavelength polychromatic ultraviolet light source having a peak intensity ...

Radoslaw M Sobczynski: Self-locking atomic emission laser with an intracavity atomic plasma as the resonance line seeder. Chemled Technologies, Fattibene and Fattibene LL, Paul A Fattibene, May 16, 2017: US09653873

An intracavity plasma solid state laser with an emission line radiation source of determined wavelength seeding a semiconductor laser gain medium providing a high power laser beam of the determined wavelength. A plasma cell generates a determined wavelength based on an atomic emission line that is r ...

John Barron, Vaclav Sychra, John O Keeffe: Use of nanoparticles in the preparation of calibration standards. REAGECON DIAGNOSTICS, Niels Haun, Dann Dorfman Herrell & Skillman P C, April 4, 2017: US09612202

This invention concerns the use of nanoparticles comprising an analyte in the preparation of a calibration standard for use in an analytical atomic spectroscopic technique and a method of calibrating such an instrument.

HsuehHuan Hsieh, MengNan Hsieh, WanWen Wang: Safety toe cap made from nano composite material and preparation method of nano composite safety toe cap. CONTENDER COMPOSITE, Hamre Schumann Mueller & Larson P C, August 15, 2017: US09730491

The invention discloses safety toe caps made from nano composite material and a preparation method of the nano composite safety toe cap. The toe caps are made from multi-layers of laminated glass fiber cloth coated with resin paste, wherein the percentage ratio of the resin paste to the glass fiber ...

Gagne Peter H, Morrisroe Peter J: Source emettrice de plasma, Plasma emission source. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, November 29, 1988: CA1245729

Abstract of the Disclosure An impedance matching network for continuouslyand automatically maximizing RF power transfer from an R.F.power generator to a plasma emission torch having an R.F.load coil associated therewith which receives R.F. power fromthe generator, includes a dual phase detector netw ...

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