Fellows Keith Roger: Plant cultivation device. Wallcharm Products, November 26, 1997: GB2313283-A (5 worldwide citation)

A plant cultivation device comprises a pot (10) and a lid (11) engageable on the top of the pot, the lid having a central opening (18) surrounded by a trough for supplying water to growing medium (26) within the pot, the trough having a base (20) with apertures therein through which water can pass. ...

Laing Oliver, Laing Ingeborg Geb Melchior, Laing Karsten: Plant cultivation process using solar energy storage devices.. Laing Oliver, March 19, 1980: EP0008717-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

1. Process for better use of solar energy for the cultivation of plants, characterized in that the plants are brought into thermal contact with hollow storage elements (3, 20, 31, 40) which are filled with a meltable storage mass.


Hans Tobler, Henry Szczepanski, Werner Föry: Herbicidal composition. Syngenta Crop Protection, William A Teoli Jr, September 25, 2001: US06294504 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to new compounds of formula (I) wherein R1 to R3, U, V, W, Z and m have the significances given in the description, their use as antidotes, in herbicidal compositions for the control of weeds and plants in useful plant cultivation.

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Manganese coated steel materials having a compact film of hydrated manganese oxide formed on the manganese coating by heating and drying. Manganese coated steel materials of the present invention show very excellent corrosion resistance in ordinary corrosive environments as well as special corrosive ...

Toranosuke Tokoro: Hydroponic plant cultivation device. Dainichi Sangyo, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik, June 17, 1986: US04594811 (4 worldwide citation)

A hydroponic plant cultivation device is disclosed, wherein at least one rotating cultivation tower is arranged. The tower is formed by piling up a plurality of cultivation unit, each of which has a plurality of ports for allowing to receive and maintain a lower end of a plant to be cultivated, a no ...

Lang Hans: Shading device for plant cultivation installations.. Lang Hans, July 15, 1981: EP0031884-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

In order to be able to alter the incident light quantity in an infinitely variable manner over a wide range in greenhouses with shading devices, an elastically stretchable fabric (5) is used which is arranged between two suspension devices (6, 7) which can be moved relative to one another. The stret ...

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A bio-degradable composite nonwoven fabric for plant cultivation includes a wood pulp paper sheet laminated on a bio-degradable aliphatic polyester filament nonwoven fabric, wherein the polyester filaments and the pulp fibers are entangled to each other and a plurality of spot regions which are spac ...

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A shaft-structure for use in a hydroponics plant cultivation receptacle containing substrate material and nutrient liquid, having a hollow removable inset container to facilitate removal of when substrate material thrown in an unauthorized manner into the shaft-structure without necessitating emptyi ...

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The cultivation module e.g. for house plants, consists of a packet contg. a number of tufts or morsels (20,21,22) of a substrate with different specialised functions e.g. for supporting a plant, retaining water or delayed release of a fertiliser, or a combination of all three. The substrate can be m ...