Jonathan Lynch, Eric Lyons, Robert H Snyder: Use of solid-phase buffer to improve plant cultivation. The Penn State Research Foundation, The Webb Law Firm, February 3, 2009: US07485171 (6 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a phosphorus solid-phase buffering system that can be spatially localized, i.e., banded on top of, or at specific depths, in media, e.g., soil, by which phosphorus concentrations in the media are reduced or maintained at levels sufficient for optimal plant performance. ...

Yael Allingham: Plastic sheets for use in agriculture. Edwin D Schindler, August 18, 1992: US05138792 (6 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to polymeric mulch sheets and mulch films for use in agriculture. These filter out a large part of the solar radiation which promotes photosynthesis and plant development, and transmits enough solar radiation so as to heat the soil beneath such films. The sheets or films have a ...

Lestraden Jacobus Wilhelmus: Energy producing and utilising system.. Schulte & Lestraden, June 8, 1983: EP0080764-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an energy producing and utilising system in plant cultivation in which for producing energy a combustion engine and a dynamo driven by the combustion engine are used, whilst the heat extracted from the exhaust gases and/or the cooling water is utilised for heating purposes, ...

Ikeda Akira C O Mitsubishi Den, Nakayama Shigeki C O Mitsubish, Ezaki Kenji C O Mitsubishi Den, Ishii Toshitsugu C O Mitsubish, Itakura Isao C O Mitsubishi de: Method of enhancing plant growth.. Mitsubishi Electric, May 8, 1985: EP0140361-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for plant cultivation and growth acceleration encloses the plants within a reflective chamber (102) whilst controlling the CO2 concentration within said chamber so as to be at least 200 ppm, and irradiating the plants substantially omnidirectionally with a light intensity of a ...

Substrates for use in soil free cultivation. Bayer, March 26, 1975: GB1388208-A (6 worldwide citation)

1388208 Laminates BAYER AG 5 Dec 1972 [9 Dec 1971] 56043/72 Heading B5N [Also in Division C1] A composite substrate body for use in plant cultivation is produced by bonding with an adhesive compatible with the physiology of plants an upper foam resin panel made of hard or semi-hard open-celled hydro ...

Di Giulio Alessandro Maria, Passoni Matteo: Plant cultivation device. Ecology S R L, Di Giulio Alessandro Maria, July 4, 2007: EP1803346-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

The plant cultivation device (1) comprises a frame (2) fixable to a wall (3) and supporting a first panel (7) presenting means (9) for retaining plants (10) with their roots (11) free in air in correspondence with a rear portion of the first panel (7) and their leaves (12) in correspondence with a f ...

Blake Whisenant: Plant cultivation apparatus and method. April 14, 1992: US05103584 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a plant cultivation system comprising a container having a bottom surface and a peripheral wall extending from the bottom surface and terminating at an upper edge, thereby defining an enclosed volume. A first partition in the enclosed volume defines a liquid reservoir and a ...

Blake Whisenant: Plant cultivation apparatus and method. Cushman Darby & Cushman L, September 17, 1996: US05555675 (5 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for conserving water and reducing labor in growing plants includes a reservoir container assembly having a box-like, watertight base including a dividing wall extending the length of the base; on one side of the dividing wall water is stored and on the opposite side of the wa ...

Fellows Keith Roger: Plant cultivation device. Wallcharm Products, November 26, 1997: GB2313283-A (5 worldwide citation)

A plant cultivation device comprises a pot (10) and a lid (11) engageable on the top of the pot, the lid having a central opening (18) surrounded by a trough for supplying water to growing medium (26) within the pot, the trough having a base (20) with apertures therein through which water can pass. ...

Laing Oliver, Laing Ingeborg Geb Melchior, Laing Karsten: Plant cultivation process using solar energy storage devices.. Laing Oliver, March 19, 1980: EP0008717-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

1. Process for better use of solar energy for the cultivation of plants, characterized in that the plants are brought into thermal contact with hollow storage elements (3, 20, 31, 40) which are filled with a meltable storage mass.

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