Shih Ming Huang: Floatable plant cultivation device. Rosenberg Klein & Lee, January 18, 2005: US06843021 (11 worldwide citation)

A floatable plant cultivation device includes a plurality of hollow floatable parts and each floatable part has a pot engaged with a first passage in a center of the floatable part. The pot receives a plant therein. The multiple floatable parts are connected with each other by a plurality of connect ...

Seymour I Wittlin: Conductive temperature control system for plant cultivation. William J Thomashower, April 23, 1991: US05009029 (10 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for growing plants by controlling growing temperatures in conventional and hydroponic planting systems. Plants placed in a plant growing medium are contained in metal growing trays placed in contact with a closed metal piping system and disposed externally to and structurally ...

Lawrence L Brooke, Brent A Goetzl, Keith C Evans, Henry Rie: Hydroponics plant cultivation assembly for diverse sizes of pots and plants. Lawrence L Brooke, Nordman Cormany et al, Kenneth J Hovet, July 4, 2006: US07069691 (10 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a hydroponic assembly for planting pots of diverse sizes. The assembly is formed of a reservoir having a top and bottom with an opening in said top; a support frame disposed in said opening; a first and a second insert supported by said frame. The first insert has a first access port an ...

Kei Mori: Plant cultivating device. Jordan and Hamburg, September 23, 1986: US04612726 (10 worldwide citation)

A plant cultivating device enables plant cultivation by effective use of the floor's dimension at a place of high cost per unit dimension of the floor on the building erected in the urban district.

Alec G Sparkes: Plant cultivation method and apparatus. Perifleur Products, Lucas & Just, May 14, 1996: US05515648 (10 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the propagation and growing of plants, and particularly concerns an apparatus for growing large numbers of plants in a small area, with optimized use of available and artificial light, and to reduce the effect of plants competing for light.

David Neil Hawkins: Plant cultivation apparatus. The Foxmoor Flower Tower Company, Larson & Taylor, February 10, 1998: US05715629 (10 worldwide citation)

A vertically extending column of soil is supported by a suspendable bag structure. This includes multiple cylindrical walls (12, 14, 18; 112, 114) the innermost one being of mesh or net. In use, openings (20; 120) are formed through the walls, for plants to grow through. The bottom of the wall assem ...

Eifu Takayanagi: Plant cultivation method and apparatus. E T Harvest, Armstrong Westerman Hattori McLeland & Naughton, August 22, 2000: US06105309 (10 worldwide citation)

The plant cultivation apparatus and plant cultivation method hasten the growth of a plant root without root injury even if the basic root has been sufficiently bathed in cultivation water solution, reduce a cost for competing with alleyway vegetables by reducing electric power consumption as much as ...

Larry Austin Ware: Plant growth unit. Graybeal Jackson Haley, November 12, 2002: US06477805 (10 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the field of plant growth units, and more particularly pertains to an apparatus for plant cultivation which conserves horizontal space and utilizes vertical space, while providing for the growth of plants which are cultivated in an indoor environment. The plant growt ...

Kazuyuki Yamasaki, Shirou Imazu, Takashi Fujiwara: Method for waste water treatment using charcoal biologically activated. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha, Nixon & Vanderhye, October 14, 1997: US05676836 (9 worldwide citation)

The apparatus for waste water treatment has, in a tank, a contact circulation part in which Bincho charcoal is accommodated, a sprinkling circulation part which is disposed above the contact circulation part and in which black coal is accommodated, air lift piping for lifting treatment-object water ...

Tadashi Kawaguchi, Naoya Kawaguchi: Plant cultivation bed and plant cultivation block. Arnold B Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott Silverman, October 14, 1997: US05675933 (9 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a cultivation medium promoting germination of plants and growth of the seedlings while precluding the plant from suffering damage from insect pests. The cultivation medium comprises a particulate, granular or fibrous rubber. Particulate, granular or fibrous pieces of plant or ...

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