Laurence S Smith Jr, Burl William Dowden: Pipe repair clamp. Daniel N Lundeen, David B Dickinson, Lundeen & Arismendi, October 23, 2001: US06305719 (44 worldwide citation)

A clamp for repairing a damaged pipe member. Shell members are matingly engaged around the damaged pipe member. Segmented inserts are received in a complementary annular channel formed in an inside face of the shell members to form a ring assembly supporting annular seals between the ring assembly a ...

Keith Munday: Pipe repair clamp. British Gas Corporation, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, March 31, 1987: US04653782 (34 worldwide citation)

A pipe repair clamp comprises a two-piece type split-collar, the collar being formed by joining the two pieces together about the surface of the pipe to be repaired. The pieces are shaped to form scarf-type joints and are provided with, affixed to their internal surfaces, portions of a gasket for se ...

William L Hauffe: Pipe clamp with improved retaining lugs. Mueller Co, Cushman Darby & Cushman, October 18, 1983: US04409708 (14 worldwide citation)

A pipe clamp for use in encircling a pipe or main as either a pipe repair clamp or a service side outlet clamp. The pipe clamp comprises a flexible metal band made of sheet metal or the like having a gasket liner which seals with a section of the exterior of the pipe, the band being split and made o ...

Wayne E Rennaker: Pipe repair clamp. The Ford Meter Box Company, Pearne Gordon McCoy & Granger, June 15, 1993: US05219001 (14 worldwide citation)

A pipe repair clamp for repairing damaged piping is disclosed. The clamp includes a hollow, cylindrical slit compression gasket having axially extending end portions. The end portions define a relatively small, axially extending gap when the gasket is initially installed on a pipe to be repaired. An ...

Hackman Frank C: Pipe clamp with improved gap bridge. Mueller Co, October 24, 1972: US3700008 (14 worldwide citation)

A pipe clamp for use in encircling a pipe or main, the pipe clamp being used as a pipe repair clamp or as a clamp for connecting a service line to the main. The pipe clamp comprises a split flexible band means of sheet-metal having at least one pair of confronting ends separated by a gap, the band m ...

Eliezer Krausz, Avi Chiproot: Pipe clamp inner seal. Krausz Metal, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer, June 19, 2007: US07232160 (13 worldwide citation)

A sealing of pipe repair clamps is taught providing a flexible inner sheet or sleeve adapted for duty inside a pipe repair clamp to prevent leakage of the fluid to be transported in a pipeline. The inner sheet or sleeve may be used in combination with a band-type pipe clamp of various types. The cla ...

Garry W Hancock, Scott W Love: 360 Degree pipe repair clamp. Rockwell International Corporation, June 30, 1987: US04676275 (12 worldwide citation)

A repair clamp for pipelines and in particular for clamps which are adapted for use on relatively small pipe sizes and which provide a full 360.degree. seal around the entire periphery of the pipes on which the clamps are used.

David G Thomson: Pipe repair clamp. Waltec, Russel S Smart, Vance Marston, Stewart L Gitler, December 23, 1986: US04630647 (10 worldwide citation)

A clamp which comprises a metal band adapted to be wrapped around a pipe over a suitable gasket. The longitudinal edges of the band are secured to lug bars, one having fingers secured to it and the other having threaded bolts secured to it. The free ends of the bolts are each provided with a nut and ...

Fuad Akhtar Khavari, Bernard J Lobin: Pipe repair clamp. Rockwell International Corporation, November 8, 1983: US04413388 (10 worldwide citation)

A pipe clamp is comprised of opposed lugs having base portions. The base portions have axially extending recesses and an axially extending slot of lesser radial dimension than the radial dimension of the recess extends from the inner edges of the bases to the recess to form jaws in each base. The fr ...

Bennett Peter George, Robinson William Edgar: Pipe repair clamp. British Gas, June 18, 1997: GB2308171-A (10 worldwide citation)

A pipe repair clamp 10 especially for subsea offshore work has two half-shells 12, 14 held together around the pipe 16 by two sets of diametrically opposite interlocking formations 150, 152 comprising in each set a series of abutments 154, 156 integral with a half-shell and a series of hooks 158, 16 ...

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