Ah Mee Hor, Rafik O Loutfy: Photoconductive imaging members with perylene pigment compositions. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, May 6, 1986: US04587189 (327 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an improved layered photoresponsive imaging member comprised of a supporting substrate; a vacuum evaporated photogenerator layer comprised of a perylene pigment selected from the group consisting of a mixture of bisbenzimidazo(2,1-a-1',2'-b)anthra(2,1,9-def:6,5,10-d'e'f')diisoquinoline ...

Amit R Shah, Carl C Orr, Nicole B Huggins: Method for manufacture of pigment-containing cosmetic compositions. E L Management, Dorene M Price Esq, Karen A Lowney Esq, November 30, 1999: US05993834 (44 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a pigment composition comprising a pigment treated with a water-dispersible polyester or polyesteramide polymer in the absence of added water. The invention also relates to a method grinding a mixture containing of a pigment with a water-dispersible polyester or poly ...

Kenneth G Spencer: Pigmentation supplements for animal feed compositions. Microbio Resources, Townsend and Townsend, October 3, 1989: US04871551 (40 worldwide citation)

Pigment compositions useful for supplementing marine animal feeds comprise comminuted Haematococcus cells treated to degradation of carotenoids, typically by coating or by combination with an anti-oxidant. Encysted Haematococcus cells are ground at cryogenic temperatures, typically by combining the ...

Shigeyuki Ehashi, Junichi Tsuchida, Kenichi Kakimoto, Hiromitsu Katsura: Pigment compositions. Toyo Ink Manufacturing, Kenway & Jenney, January 12, 1982: US04310359 (38 worldwide citation)

A pigment composition is disclosed which includes a pigment and a coloring compound of the general formula (I), ##STR1## wherein Q represents a residue of a coloring compound other than phthalocyanine, X represents --SO.sub.2 -- or --CO--, m and n represent, respectively, an integer of from 1 to 4 a ...

Roger W Phillips: Color shifting carbon-containing interference pigments and foils. Flex Products, Holme Roberts & Owen, June 15, 2004: US06751022 (37 worldwide citation)

A color shifting multilayer interference film is provided which may be used to produce foils or flakes for use in pigment compositions and colorants having color shifting properties. The flakes can be interspersed into a pigment medium to form paints, inks, or cosmetic preparations which can subsequ ...

Rafik O Loutfy, Ah Mee Hor, George Liebermann, Alan J Toth, Cheng Kuo Hsiao, Kathleen M Carmichael, Emery G Tokoli: Photoconductive imaging members with mixtures of photogenerator pigment compositions. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, November 21, 1989: US04882254 (35 worldwide citation)

A layered photoresponsive imaging member comprised of a supporting substrate; a photogenerator layer comprised of a mixture of first and second pigments; and an aryl amine hole transport layer, said mixture comprised of perylenes and phthalocyanines; polycyclic quinones and phthalocyanines; and peri ...

Thomas E Ludwig: Pigment compositions and processes therefor. The Sherwin Williams Company, Robert E McDonald, James V Tura, April 24, 1984: US04444592 (34 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to novel pigmentary products, particularly valuable in the textile art, prepared by using strong acid solvents to solubilize or form fine colloidal dispersions of normally water-insoluble aryl pararosanilines in an aqueous medium. The aryl pararosaniline which is thus solubili ...

Russell J Schwartz, Manuel Z Gregorio, Anthony C Zwirgzdas: Diarylide pigment compositions. Sun Chemical Corporation, Jack Matalon, August 7, 1990: US04946509 (31 worldwide citation)

Diarylide pigments modified with alkylene oxide polymers. The modified pigments are useful in both water-based and solvent-based coating and ink compositions.

John Guzi Jr, William J Hart: Dry, water-dispersible pigment compositions. Hercules Incorporated, Hazel L Deming, November 28, 1978: US04127422 (30 worldwide citation)

Dry pigment compositions which are easily dispersed in aqueous systems are described. The compositions contain 55 to 80% of a pigment and 45 to 20% of a nonionic material comprising, by weight of the pigment, 15 to 45% of a nonionic dispersing agent and 10 to about 67% of a water-dispersible, at lea ...

John W P Lin, Lesley P Dudek: Silylated compositions, and deuterated hydroxyl squaraine compositions and processes. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, April 29, 1986: US04585884 (30 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are novel silylated hydroxyl squaraine compositions, novel deuterated hydroxyl squaraine derivatives, and processes for the preparation thereof. More specifically, there is disclosed a process for the preparation of photoconductive hydroxyl squaraine pigment compositions useful as visible ...

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