Leon B C deVos, Johannes N Th M Schouten: Computer aided three dimensional positioning sensing system and method. Spectra Physics, Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, August 11, 1992: US05137354 (65 worldwide citation)

A position sensing system calculates the X-Y-Z coordinates of a point in space using triangulation and determines the orientation of an object located at that point. The triangulation calculation is based on the coordinates of at least three retroreflective elements spaced apart from each other and ...

Friedman Mitchell: Digital fluidic amplifier particle sorter. Bio Physics Systems, Ailes Curtis, February 12, 1974: US3791517 (65 worldwide citation)

Differences in small particles entrained in a stream of liquid are detected and the resultant difference signals are used to control a fluidic amplifier located downstream to switch the liquid particle carrying stream to different outlet ports determined by the detection of particle differences.

Joseph F Rando, Henry L Schwartz: Level/plumb indicator with tilt compensation. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, T M Freiburger, April 3, 1990: US04912851 (64 worldwide citation)

A tool for use in establishing a precise level line or plumb line or line for alignment uses a visible laser diode for projecting the line. The tool is relatively small and compact, drives the laser diode using batteries contained in the tool, and includes tilt compensation for use on surfaces which ...

Joseph F Rando, Brad R Reddersen: Compact scanner module mountable to pointing instrument. Spectra Physics Scanning Systems, Lyon & Lyon, February 23, 1999: US05874722 (63 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for scanning items with a compact scanner which is mountable onto and/or integral with a pointing instrument. The scanner module may be equipped with an aiming beam for additional help in directing the scan line toward the object to be read. The pointing instrument may be a pen ...

Louis A Kamentsky, Isaac Klinger: Combined particle sorter and segregation indicator. Bio Physics Systems, Curtis Ailes, October 5, 1976: US03984307 (63 worldwide citation)

Small particles to be sorted are entrained in a stream of fluid and particle differences are detected to control a sorter located downstream. The sorter is effective to switch the particle carrying fluid to one of two different paths determined by the particle differences to thereby accomplish the s ...

Edmund F Byrne, Glen L Tolman: Bifunctional chelating agents. Medi Physics, Jon S Saxe, George M Gould, William H Epstein, February 28, 1984: US04434151 (63 worldwide citation)

Novel homocysteine thiolactone bifunctional chelating agents useful for chelating radionuclides to produce a radiodiagnostic agent for use in in vivo imaging and a method for producing this chelating agent.

Michael P Svetal, Mohan LeeLaRama Bobba, Matt D Schler, Gary J Oldham: Multiple plane weigh platter for multiple plane scanning systems. Spectra Physics Scanning Systems, Lyon & Lyon, November 10, 1998: US05834708 (62 worldwide citation)

A multi-plane scanner having a dual plane scanner with a horizontal window and a vertical window and a load cell/weigh platter weighing apparatus such that the weigh platter itself is a dual plane object with vertical and horizontal sections. The size and orientation of the planes of the weigh platt ...

Oshri Even Zohar: Customizable animation system. Maine & Asmus, May 18, 2004: US06738065 (62 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a system and method to provide customizable animation. A motion capture database houses a library of human motion that is accessible via a client-server connection. Users are allowed to select motion sequences and alter these motions in real time over a networked connection ...

Brad R Reddersen, Phillip W Shepard, Rockie D Moch, Jon Paul Charles Williams: Multiple-interface selection system for computer peripherals. Spectra Physics Scanning Systems, Lyon & Lyon, December 30, 1997: US05703347 (60 worldwide citation)

An interface selection and configuration system for a computer peripheral in which configuration for the peripheral and/or the host interface is at least in part accomplished by the interface connector cable. In a preferred embodiment, the computer peripheral is equipped with one or more hardware in ...

O Neill Cormac G: Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines. Physics International Company, Lindenberg Freilich & Wasserman, August 6, 1974: US3827409 (60 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for varying the fuel pressure of an internal combustion engine having a common rail system as a function of an engine parameter, such as engine speed or air mass intake.

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