P Guy Howard: Hand held bar code reader with modulated laser diode and detector. Spectra Physics, Donald C Fix, Paul Davis, T M Freiburger, September 15, 1987: US04694182 (72 worldwide citation)

A hand held bar code reader employs a laser diode as its laser source, for an efficient and compact construction. The diode is modulated, and an associated bar code reading detector is timed accordingly, so that (1) the effects of strong ambient light which may be present on the bar code surface can ...

Leon B C deVos, Johannes N Th M Schouten: Computer aided three dimensional positioning sensing system and method. Spectra Physics, Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, August 11, 1992: US05137354 (71 worldwide citation)

A position sensing system calculates the X-Y-Z coordinates of a point in space using triangulation and determines the orientation of an object located at that point. The triangulation calculation is based on the coordinates of at least three retroreflective elements spaced apart from each other and ...

Thomas M Baer, Mark S Keirstead: Laser diode pumped solid state laser with miniaturized quick disconnect laser head. Spectra Physics, Paul Davis, May 12, 1987: US04665529 (71 worldwide citation)

A compact laser head for a solid state laser has a miniaturized laser rod and output coupling mirror which form a miniaturized laser cavity. A miniaturized frequency doubler crystal placed in the cavity provides frequency doubled output. The laser head is connected by an optical fiber to a separate ...

Louis A Kamentsky, Isaac Klinger: Combined particle sorter and segregation indicator. Bio Physics Systems, Curtis Ailes, October 5, 1976: US03984307 (71 worldwide citation)

Small particles to be sorted are entrained in a stream of fluid and particle differences are detected to control a sorter located downstream. The sorter is effective to switch the particle carrying fluid to one of two different paths determined by the particle differences to thereby accomplish the s ...

Joseph F Rando: Automatic plumb and level tool. Spectra Physics, Thomas M Freiburger, December 31, 1991: US05075977 (71 worldwide citation)

An automatic plumb, level and pointing tool uses a visible laser diode to project a beam in any of three different modes through a beam exit window. The tool, approximately the size and shape of a tape measure, can be placed on one edge to project a tilt-compensated vertical beam. Placed on another ...

Brett A Feddersen, Enrico Gratton, David W Piston: Method and means for parallel frequency acquisition in frequency domain fluorometry. Research Corporation Technologies, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, October 26, 1993: US05257202 (71 worldwide citation)

A digital frequency domain fluorometer utilizing a computer-controlled digital data acquisition system is use for the study of fluorescence and phosphorescence phenomena in the bio-chemical, biological and bio-physics arts. The computer is used for the direct collection of data, as well as for the f ...

Charles A Taylor: Method and system for patient-specific modeling of blood flow. HeartFlow, Bookoff McAndrews PLLC, November 20, 2012: US08315812 (70 worldwide citation)

Embodiments include a system for determining cardiovascular information for a patient. The system may include at least one computer system configured to receive patient-specific data regarding a geometry of the patient's heart, and create a three-dimensional model representing at least a portion of ...

Joseph F Rando, Ilya M Fishman: Temperature operated gas valve. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, Thomas M Freiburger, August 21, 1990: US04949742 (70 worldwide citation)

A gas valve which is particularly useful in a laser gas fill system requiring repeated fillings includes a conduit positioned between high and low pressure gas regions. Within the conduit is a restriction, and this restriction is closed by a meltable solid material. When the valve is to be opened, h ...

Bryan Olmstead: Bar code reader with multi-focus lens. Spectra Physics Scanning Systems, Lyon & Lyon, June 23, 1998: US05770847 (69 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for reading bar codes or other images while reducing or eliminating the need for self-generated illumination. An image reader comprises an efficient optical collection system including an aperture with a high aspect ratio and/or a multi-focal lens or lenses. A CCD ...

Wang Gongwei, Ying Muliang, Wang Xingchun, Chen Guoquan: Process for the conversion of methanol to light olefins and catalyst used for such process. Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, November 22, 1994: US05367100 (69 worldwide citation)

A zeolite catalyst from ZSM-5 modified with phosphorus, rare earth elements and pore structure regulator is used for methanol/dimethyl ether conversion to light olefins.

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