Donald S Peterson, Andrew P Taussig: Signal transition detection method and system. Spectra Physics, Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, June 7, 1988: US04749879 (69 worldwide citation)

A system and method are provided for determining the occurrence of transitions in a binary encoded analog input signal. The system includes a threshold circuit, responsive to the input signal, for generating first and second grating signals in dependence upon whether the input signal exceeds or is l ...

Bryan Olmstead: Bar code reader with multi-focus lens. Spectra Physics Scanning Systems, Lyon & Lyon, June 23, 1998: US05770847 (68 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for reading bar codes or other images while reducing or eliminating the need for self-generated illumination. An image reader comprises an efficient optical collection system including an aperture with a high aspect ratio and/or a multi-focal lens or lenses. A CCD ...

Wang Gongwei, Ying Muliang, Wang Xingchun, Chen Guoquan: Process for the conversion of methanol to light olefins and catalyst used for such process. Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, November 22, 1994: US05367100 (68 worldwide citation)

A zeolite catalyst from ZSM-5 modified with phosphorus, rare earth elements and pore structure regulator is used for methanol/dimethyl ether conversion to light olefins.

Joseph F Rando, H Nick Roberts, John F O Brien: Bar code scanner with asterisk scan pattern. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, Thomas M Freiburger, July 3, 1990: US04939356 (68 worldwide citation)

A bar code scanner which preferably generates an asterisk-like scan pattern has a scanner head at the end of a flexible mount enabling operator personnel to orient the scanner head in virtually any position and direction. The scan pattern generator is compact in size, utilizing a laser diode as a so ...

John H Coleman: Method of forming semiconducting materials and barriers. Plasma Physics Corporation, October 7, 1980: US04226897 (68 worldwide citation)

In a gaseous glow-discharge process for coating a substrate with semiconductor material, a variable electric field in the region of the substrate and the pressure of the gaseous material are controlled to produce a uniform coating having useful semiconducting properties. Electrodes having concave an ...

Joseph F Rando, Henry L Schwartz: Level/plumb indicator with tilt compensation. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Paul Davis, T M Freiburger, August 1, 1989: US04852265 (68 worldwide citation)

A tool for use in establishing a precise level line or plumb line or line for alignment uses a visible laser diode for projecting the line. The tool is relatively small and compact, drives the laser diode using batteries contained in the tool, and includes tilt compensation for use on surfaces which ...

Oshri Even Zohar: Customizable animation system. Maine & Asmus, May 18, 2004: US06738065 (68 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a system and method to provide customizable animation. A motion capture database houses a library of human motion that is accessible via a client-server connection. Users are allowed to select motion sequences and alter these motions in real time over a networked connection ...

Louis A Kamentsky, Isaac Klinger: Combined particle sorter and segregation indicator. Bio Physics Systems, Curtis Ailes, October 5, 1976: US03984307 (67 worldwide citation)

Small particles to be sorted are entrained in a stream of fluid and particle differences are detected to control a sorter located downstream. The sorter is effective to switch the particle carrying fluid to one of two different paths determined by the particle differences to thereby accomplish the s ...

Thomas M Baer, Mark S Keirstead: Nd-YAG laser. Spectra Physics, Donald C Feix, Thomas M Freiburger, Paul Davis, March 24, 1987: US04653056 (67 worldwide citation)

A neodymium YAG laser is pumped by a matched laser diode of high efficiency, resulting in a compact, high-efficiency and long-lifetime laser assembly. Output is in the near infrared range, but can be converted to the visible spectrum by an internal frequency doubler. A doubling crystal, which may be ...

James R Hendershot: Polyphase switched reluctance motor. Magna Physics Corporation, Leydig Voit & Mayer, May 5, 1992: US05111095 (67 worldwide citation)

A switched reluctance motor driven by a polyphase source includes a stator having a yoke and a plurality of evenly spaced salient poles distributed about the yoke and a rotor mounted for rotation relative to the stator having a plurality of unevenly spaced salient poles. The geometry of the stator a ...

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