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A phase locked loop frequency synthesizer in which the output frequency is changed in a series of steps in order to reach a final frequency value. The steps are computed and stored in a memory in a control unit. The steps are chosen to approximately cancel the poles of the transfer function of the s ...

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A phase locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer includes a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) to provide a VCO frequency signal, a frequency offset circuit including a mixer accepting the VCO frequency signal and a signal from a second oscillator to produce a shifted-frequency signal having a frequ ...

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A frequency synthesizer including frequency and phase locked loop that operates in either a frequency locked loop (FLL) mode or a phase locked loop (PLL) mode. In a first state, the frequency and phase locked loop operates in the FLL mode for initial frequency acquisition. Once the frequency and pha ...

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A scanning FM monitor receiver is disclosed which is of the superheterodyne type and is capable of scanning and receiving a plurality of channels on a plurality of bands. The receiver incorporates a phase-locked-loop frequency synthesizer which eliminates the need for crystals for every channel. The ...

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A phase locked loop frequency (PLL) synthesizer in which the scaled output of a reference oscillator(

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A communication device (100) employs a local oscillator (104) having an improved charge pump circuit (122). The charge pump circuit (122) has current mirrors (204, 208) in which a first transistor (224, 270) is biased to provide a substantially constant current. A resistor (226, 272) selectively con ...