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The thermo-magnetic-treated anisotropic permanent magnet alloy of the present invention consists essentially of, by weight, 17 to 45% chromium, 3 to 14.5% cobalt, 0.2 to 5% silicon and balance substantially iron, preferably 23 to 35% chromium, 7 to 14.5% of cobalt, 0.3 to 3% silicon and balance subs ...

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A permanent magnet alloy that when used in the production of a permanent magnet results in a magnet that is highly resistant to disintegration when exposed to a combination of humidity and heat. Consequently, the alloy consists essentially of, in weight percent, 30 to 36 of at least one rare earth e ...


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Disclosed is a rare earth/iron/boron-based permanent magnet alloy composition capable of giving, by a powder metallurgical process, a permanent magnet having excellent coercive force and residual magnetization as well as good squareness ratio of the hysteresis loop. The magnet alloy composition cons ...

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With the intention of establishing fabrication methods for cheaply produced (Fe,Co)-Cr-B-R-type bonded magnets or (Fe,Co)-Cr-B-R-M-type bonded magnets containing few rare earth elements and having a coercive force iHc above 5 kOe and a residual magnetic flux density Br above 5.5 kG matching the cost ...

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A permanent magnet alloy made by adding one or more of Si, Ti, Zr, V, Nb, Cr, and Mo to a known permanent magnet alloy containing rare earth metals, Co, Fe, and Cu. By adding such additives, the amount of substitution of copper required for full precipitation hardening is reduced in the alloy of the ...


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A ternary permanent magnet alloy which is composed of 69.5 to 73.0 percent by weight of Mn, 26.4 to 29.5 percent by weight of Al and 0.6 to (1/3 Mn--22.16) percent by weight of C, and primarily consists of a body-centered tetragonal structure phase, and which has magnetic characteristics of BHmax .g ...