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The invention aims to provide a compact peritoneal dialysis apparatus using a disposable cassette integrally formed with a diaphragm and heating portion, in which a flow path can be switched quietly and a heating ability is high. By using a disposable cassette (

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A surgically implantable apparatus for subcutaneous placement in the body of a patient and by which peritoneal dialysis may be performed with minimal risk of infection, the apparatus being connected to a catheter extending into the peritoneal cavity and having a needle-impenetrable reservoir, a need ...

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A peritoneal dialysis apparatus comprises a single lumen catheter through which in an intermittently operated circuit dialysis liquid is pumped from the peritoneal cavity of a patient and is then moved along in contact with a dialysis membrane, at which not only mass exchange but furthermore the wit ...

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In peritoneal dialysis apparatus, flushing liquid is pumped into a supply vessel (4) which is then emptied into the body cavity through a valve (5) and a catheter (6). The supply vessel is then refilled while the cavity is drained back through the catheter into a receptacle (11) of the same weight a ...

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Automated peritoneal dialysis apparatus for providing dialysis solution to a patient and including bracket means for receiving and holding a multiple junction connector of a flexible conduit set member carried by the apparatus. The bracket means is adapted to hold the multiple junction connector in ...

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A portable peritoneal dialysis apparatus having a side-hinged, inclined door for enclosing a disposable cassette that seals tightly shut using air pressure which imposes a safety interlock, a cassette with its inlet/outlet tube exclusively along the lower edge so that the connected lines can hang st ...

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An automatic cycler for performing Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis (CCPD) and Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis (IPD) is provided. The apparatus of the present invention is a safe and convenient cycler apparatus for performing peritoneal dialysis in either home or clinical environment. The app ...

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Apparatus for performing peritoneal dialysis comprising a pump including a diaphragm (59), means (F5-F10) in communication with the pump for establishing communication between the pump and a patient's peritoneal cavity, and actuating means (76) for applying pneumatic pressure to the diaphragm to ope ...

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A peritoneal dialysis system is illustrated of the continuous flow type which includes a reverse osmosis unit which prepares sterilized and filtered water for mixing with a sterilized dialysate in a dialysis production unit. The process includes proportioning water, dialysis concentrate, and dextros ...

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The invention is concerned with apparatus for use in the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure by peritoneal dialysis and provides Dialysis apparatus comprising a bulk supply container for dialysate, a bulk waste container, an adjustable head gravity feed container provided with controlled he ...