Douglas Cameron Edwards, Erhardt Fischer: Particulate oil-black masterbatch. Polysar, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, May 31, 1977: US04026933 (7 worldwide citation)

Synthetic rubber-black-plasticizer masterbatches are prepared in a particulate form, in contrast with their normal massed form, by a process which involves halogenating the rubber-black masterbatch after coagulation, but before addition of the plasticizer.

Particulate oil-black masterbatch. Polysar, November 2, 1977: GB1490674-A

1490674 Rubber-carbon-plasticizer masterbatch POLYSAR Ltd 17 March 1976 [20 March 1975] 10816/76 Heading C3P A particulate masterbatch of synthetic rubber, carbon black and plasticizer is obtained by preparing an aqueous mixture of emulsion polymerized synthetic rubber and carbon black, coagulating, ...