Tran Duc Tien: Multiperiodic accelerator structures for linear particle accelerators. CGR Mev, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, September 16, 1975: US3906300 (21 worldwide citation)

High efficiency linear accelerator structures comprising a succession of cylindrical resonant cavities which are accelerating cavities, and coupling annular cavities which are located at the periphery thereof, each of these annular cavities being coupled to two adjacent cylindrical cavities.

Bijan Sayyarrodsari, Eric Hartman, Celso Axelrud, Kadir Liano: Controlling a non-linear process with varying dynamics using non-linear model predictive control. Rockwell Automation Technologies, Fletcher Yoder PC, Alexander R Kuszewski, October 6, 2009: US07599749 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method for controlling nonlinear control problems within particle accelerators. This method involves first utilizing software tools to identify variable inputs and controlled variables associated with the particle accelerator, wherein at least one variable input para ...

Howard Milchberg, Charles Durfee III: Method for producing high intensity optical through x-ray waveguide and applications. University of Maryland College Park, Christopher N Sears, February 28, 1995: US05394411 (19 worldwide citation)

Optical guiding of intense laser pulses over a distance of more than one Rayleigh length in a plasma is discussed herein using a multi-pulse technique. The first pulse or pulse sequence prepares a shock-driven, axially-extended radial electron density profile which guides a second pulse or sequence ...

Bernard R Cheo: Active RF cavity including a plurality of solid state transistors. Polytechnic University, William S Frommer, March 5, 1996: US05497050 (17 worldwide citation)

An active RF cavity is defined by a conductive wall in which a plurality of solid state power amplifiers are mounted. The solid state power amplifiers induce an RF current at an inner surface of the wall to form an oscillating electromagnetic (EM) field within the cavity. Preferably, the power ampli ...

Jonah H Jacob, Allen M Flusberg, Barbara J Hughey, Ruth Shefer, Robert Klinkowstein: Window construction for a particle accelerator. Science Research Laboratory, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, August 10, 1993: US05235239 (14 worldwide citation)

Window constructions for use in particle accelerators to separate an evacuated accelerator beam chamber from a gas or liquid filled target area, which window structure enhances cooling of the foil covering the window opening and reduces stresses on the foil. For preferred embodiments, the window ope ...

Grant Fletcher: Air fertilizer spreader. Grant Fletcher, Vincent L Carney, August 30, 1988: US04767062 (11 worldwide citation)

An air fertilizer spreader mounted on a truck chassis, the truck chassis carrying a granular or pulverized fertilizer application machine. Right and left booms swing from a midship position between a truck cab and fertilizer box back towards the rear of the truck chassis. Each boom includes a plural ...

Jeffrey C Gannon, John J Payne: Leak checker data logging system. The United States of America represented by the United States Department of Energy, Bradley W Smith, Hugh W Glenn, William R Moser, September 3, 1996: US05551285 (10 worldwide citation)

A portable, high speed, computer-based data logging system for field testing systems or components located some distance apart employs a plurality of spaced mass spectrometers and is particularly adapted for monitoring the vacuum integrity of a long string of a superconducting magnets such as used i ...

Tomas Eriksson, Bert Holmgren: Particle accelerators having electromechanical motors and methods of operating and manufacturing the same. General Electric Company, February 18, 2014: US08653762 (9 worldwide citation)

A particle accelerator including an electrical field system and a magnetic field system that are configured to direct charged particles along a desired path within an acceleration chamber. The particle accelerator also includes a mechanical device that is located within the acceleration chamber. The ...

Zhi Yuan Shen: High temperature superconductor dielectric slow wave structures for accelerators and traveling wave tubes. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, July 2, 1996: US05532210 (9 worldwide citation)

Periodic and pseudo-periodic slow wave structures comprising a plurality of adjacent sections, each section comprising a dielectric ring in contact with a disk coated with high temperature superconducting thin film, having coupling between the sections and tunable phase velocity for use in particle ...

Gongyin Chen, John Turner, Douglas W Eaton: Interlaced multi-energy radiation sources. Varian Medical Systems, Brandon N Sklar Esq, Kaye Scholer, May 22, 2012: US08183801 (8 worldwide citation)

Multi-energy radiation sources comprising charged particle accelerators driven by power generators providing different RF powers to the accelerator, capable of interlaced operation, are disclosed. Automatic frequency control techniques are provided to match the frequency of RF power provided to the ...

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