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The invention has a container (50) for a fuel (W) with at least a partial cover (55) in which there is a non-combustible wick (52) in a wick holder (100). Above the container (50) near the wick holder there is at least one roller or upright body (RK) or in the container (50) there is a disc of solid ...

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1,242,844. Road marker. B. WHITEHEAD. 14 Aug., 1968 [17 Aug., 1967; 18 Aug., 1967; 8 Nov., 1967; 29 Nov., 1967], Nos. 37917/67, 38147/67, 50812/67 and 54268/67. Heading E1G [Also in Division C4] An internally-illuminated road marker cone 10 moulded from fluorescent translucent plastics is resilientl ...

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889,849. Visible signalling apparatus. KENYON & CO. Ltd., ALEXANDER. Oct. 11, 1960 [May 18, 1960], No. 17474/60. Class 118. The normal paraffin lamp of a road danger lamp A (Fig. 1) is replaced by an electric glow tube b which is flashed by the circuit arrangement of Fig. 2, which comprises a ringin ...

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455,142. Filters. STREAM-LINE FILTER CO., Ltd., Ingate Place, Lambeth, and BEACHAM, T. E., 89, Gunnersbury Avenue, Ealing, both in London. April 18, 1935, No. 12033. [Class 46] An edge filter f is mounted in a central chamber surrounded by a chamber b packed with heat-insulating material b in an out ...


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A visual art piece comprises a plurality of transparent sheets, wherein at least one of the plurality of transparent sheets comprises cutouts forming an upper reservoir, a lower reservoir and a channel between the upper reservoir and the lower reservoir, wherein the cutouts are filled with a first l ...

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A gas mantle for a paraffin lamp is supported at its upper end on the nozzle 9 of the lamp, and at its lower end by the end of a rod 13 attached to the nozzle. Holes 12 in the nozzle supply gas to the mantle.

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[en] 19,846. Foltzer, E. Sept. 6. Drawings to Specification. Burners, preventing conduction of heat from. -The wick-tube of a wax or solid paraffin lamp is insulated from the walls of the lamp by a washer of asbestos or other material.

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347,627. Filters. SHAW, H. S. HELE- and BEACHAM, T. E., 64, Victoria Street, London, Jan. 23, 1930, No. 2366. [Class 46.] Liquid is forced by air or gas under pressure from a vessel a through a pipe a into a casing b and through a hollow filtering element b, held against a removable cover b by a cen ...

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588,690. Portable heat radiators. SEATON, H. S., and TOWNHEND, J. W. March 3, 1945, No. 5377. [Class 64 (ii)] A portable heating device for a greenhouse, garage, chicken incubator, brooder and foster mother or like structure comprises a small boiler A having a thin metal base a, the outlet pipe a' b ...