Hashida Miyoko, Abo Masanobu, Takamura Yukiko, Kirk Ole, Halkier Torben, Pedersen Sven, Patkar Shamkant Anant, Hansen Mogens Trier: Lipases from hyphozyma.. Novonordisk, April 19, 1995: EP0648263-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel microorganisms and to novel enzymes obtainable therefrom. More specifically, the invention relates to a new species of the genus Hyphozyma, and to novel lipases obtainable therefrom. The invention also relates to a process for obtaining the enzymes, immobilized ...

Claude Bergerioux: Easy-to-recycle laminated material for packaging use. Tetra Pak, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, April 9, 1996: US05506036 (23 worldwide citation)

A laminated material for packaging containers comprising polyvinyl alcohol or other water-soluble, thermoplastic resin layers disposed on both sides of a paperboard base material layer and other thermoplastic synthetic resin layers laminated thereon. An aluminum foil layer 5 may be provided over a p ...

Louis O Torregrossa: Method of chemically reacting a slurry with a gas. Kamyr, Nixon & Vanderhye, December 5, 1995: US05472567 (23 worldwide citation)

A number of different, efficient treatments of slurries and liquid with gas can be provided. A slurry or liquid is introduced into a first end of a vortex. A gas--such as a chemically reactive gas--is introduced from exteriorly of the vortex into contact with the slurry or liquid in the vortex, so t ...

Godsay Madhu P, Bhattacharjee Shyam S: Amelioration de la blancheur de la pate a papier blanchie a lozone, Brightness improvement of ozone bleached pulps. International Paper Company, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, September 27, 1983: CA1154205 (23 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Use of hydrosulfite in the alkaline extractionstage of oxygen-ozone bleached kraft paper pulp results inimproved brightness and reverted brightness of the pulp.

Michael I Sherman, Stefan Golston: Two stage medium consistency pulp pumping. Kamyr, Nixon & Vanderhye, January 20, 1987: US04637779 (22 worldwide citation)

A centrifugal pump for pumping suspensions having a consistency of about 6-20% (for example, for pumping paper pulp) has a second stage for increasing head. An auxiliary impeller is connected to the drive shaft in front of the main impeller, and upon rotation of the drive shaft directs the suspensio ...

Allen Ray Bell: Hot or cold beverage container holder. Sonoco Development, Bullwinkel Partners, September 18, 2001: US06290091 (22 worldwide citation)

A substantially cylindrical beverage container holder manufactured from a sheet of recycled pressed paper pulp is provided. The sheet is die cut form a blank having large and small opposing substantially rectangular sides connected by a bottom portion. The large side has a center panel and two glue ...

George Trezek, Martin Stanczyk, Michael R Grubbs: Polystyrene recycling process. WTE Corporation, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, March 30, 1993: US05197678 (22 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises a method and apparatus for recycling foamed polystyrene from municipal solid waste and more particularly, from fast food restaurant waste. A steady stream of waste is delivered to a flail mill for reducing particle size, a rotary trommel for eliminating undersized waste and a ...


Johan Gullichsen: Medium consistency pump with self-feeding. Kamyr, Nixon & Vanderhye, May 2, 1989: US04826398 (21 worldwide citation)

A suspension, such as paper pulp, having a consistency of between about 6-20% (i.e. medium consistency) is pumped without the necessity of using a vacuum system to effect gas removal. A hollow shaft having elongated slots in it, has impeller blades disposed on its exterior surface. Connected to the ...

Coste Christian, Jan Pierre: Process for the ozone treatment of lignocellulosic materials, in particular paper pulps, and reactor for carrying out this process.. Degremont, March 22, 1989: EP0308314-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

Process for the ozone treatment of lignocellulosic material, especially of paper pulp, according to which the material is brought to the desired moisture content beforehand in order that the ozonation reaction may take place under optimum conditions, characterised in that the material brought to the ...

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