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1536663 Fibrous reinforced gypsum board CAPE BOARDS & PANELS Ltd 28 Oct 1975 [28 Oct 1974] 46451/74 Heading C3N [Also in Division D2] A board is made from a composition comprising gypsum plaster, fibrous mineral reinforcement and 1-25% by weight, based on the solids content of the composition of a c ...

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A method for manufacturing paper with improved strength by introducing into the paper pulp in the wet end of a paper making process an aqueous starch dispersion of a gelatinized cationic starch and a blocked glyoxal resin.

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A system for determining characteristics of objects in wood pulp includes a pulp sampling and dilution system for diluting and dispersing samples of pulp, and an imaging/analysis system for capturing images of pulp objects, including fibers, and analyzing the captured images. Samples of pulp are pro ...

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A process for the manufacture of paper pulp containing particles for the treatment of excrement of primarily domestic animals and pets. Hot water and a filler are added to a paper pulp in solidified condition and they are agitated so as to form a slurry of the paper pulp. The slurry is subjected to ...

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In the continuous kraft pulping of comminuted cellulosic fibrous material (e.g. wood chips) to produce paper pulp, viscosity for a given Kappa Number is significantly increased (e.g. at least about 20%) by adding kraft white liquor to the wash recirculation loop (38-40) in a continuous digester (19) ...


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Medium consistency (e.g. about 5-18%) paper pulp is mixed with a treatment fluid by fluidizing them while subjecting them to a constantly changing shear field in radial and axial planes. This is accomplished by providing a mixer rotor having a constantly varying cross-section along a dimension of el ...

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A pump for medium consistency suspensions (e.g. 6-15%), such as paper pulp, simultaneously pumps and degasses the suspension. A common shaft mounts a fluidizing impeller and a vacuum pump impeller and a common wall with gas exhaust passageways is disposed between the fluidizing pump housing and vacu ...

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A method of increasing the amount of mineral filler which can be contained in filled paper sheet produced on a papermaking machine without consequentially reducing the mechanical properties such as the tensile strength of the paper sheet comprises incorporating the mineral filler into the paper pulp ...

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A refiner head assembly of the type suitable for use in disk refiners, such as those employed in paper pulp processing. The assembly includes a backing head and a refining disk. The disk mounts reversibly between a pair of radially spaced, circumferentially extending flanges upstanding from one face ...