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A method of treating medium consistency paper pulp or the like with a treament gas, such as oxygen, is provided to achieve uniform treatment results. The treatment gas is added to the pulp in finely distributed small bubbles, and the density of the suspension is measured at at least one moment, or t ...

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An apparatus for purifying paper pulp in the liquid state by screening. The apparatus comprising a cylindrical fixed screen disposed coaxially with a rotor within a housing. The rotor has longitudinal blades which, in section transverse to the rotor axis, have the general shape of an angle one side ...

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1536663 Fibrous reinforced gypsum board CAPE BOARDS & PANELS Ltd 28 Oct 1975 [28 Oct 1974] 46451/74 Heading C3N [Also in Division D2] A board is made from a composition comprising gypsum plaster, fibrous mineral reinforcement and 1-25% by weight, based on the solids content of the composition of a c ...

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A method for manufacturing paper with improved strength by introducing into the paper pulp in the wet end of a paper making process an aqueous starch dispersion of a gelatinized cationic starch and a blocked glyoxal resin.

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A method of increasing the amount of mineral filler which can be contained in filled paper sheet produced on a papermaking machine without consequentially reducing the mechanical properties such as the tensile strength of the paper sheet comprises incorporating the mineral filler into the paper pulp ...

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A process for the manufacture of paper pulp containing particles for the treatment of excrement of primarily domestic animals and pets. Hot water and a filler are added to a paper pulp in solidified condition and they are agitated so as to form a slurry of the paper pulp. The slurry is subjected to ...

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In the continuous kraft pulping of comminuted cellulosic fibrous material (e.g. wood chips) to produce paper pulp, viscosity for a given Kappa Number is significantly increased (e.g. at least about 20%) by adding kraft white liquor to the wash recirculation loop (38-40) in a continuous digester (19) ...

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Medium consistency (e.g. about 5-18%) paper pulp is mixed with a treatment fluid by fluidizing them while subjecting them to a constantly changing shear field in radial and axial planes. This is accomplished by providing a mixer rotor having a constantly varying cross-section along a dimension of el ...

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A laminated material for packaging containers comprising polyvinyl alcohol or other water-soluble, thermoplastic resin layers disposed on both sides of a paperboard base material layer and other thermoplastic synthetic resin layers laminated thereon. An aluminum foil layer 5 may be provided over a p ...

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A pump for medium consistency suspensions (e.g. 6-15%), such as paper pulp, simultaneously pumps and degasses the suspension. A common shaft mounts a fluidizing impeller and a vacuum pump impeller and a common wall with gas exhaust passageways is disposed between the fluidizing pump housing and vacu ...