Stromberg Bertil, Jiang Jian, Laakso Richard, Phillips Joseph, Greenwood Brian, Prough James: Extended kraft cooking with white liquor added to wash circulation.. Kamyr, March 25, 1992: EP0476230-A2 (26 worldwide citation)

In the continuous kraft pulping of comminuted cellulosic fibrous material (e.g. wood chips) to produce paper pulp, viscosity for a given Kappa Number is significantly increased (e.g. at least about 20%) by adding kraft white liquor to the wash recirculation loop (38-40) in a continuous digester (19) ...

Thomas R Delcourt: Varying annular fluidization zone for increased mixing efficiency in a medium consistency mixer. Kamyr, Nixon & Vanderhye, January 3, 1995: US05378321 (25 worldwide citation)

Medium consistency (e.g. about 5-18%) paper pulp is mixed with a treatment fluid by fluidizing them while subjecting them to a constantly changing shear field in radial and axial planes. This is accomplished by providing a mixer rotor having a constantly varying cross-section along a dimension of el ...

William R Shields, Kapil M Singh, James F Suska, Jody MacDonald: Measurement of paper pulp and fiber visual characteristics. International Paper Company, Luedeka Neely & Graham P C, July 28, 1998: US05786894 (25 worldwide citation)

A system for determining characteristics of objects in wood pulp includes a pulp sampling and dilution system for diluting and dispersing samples of pulp, and an imaging/analysis system for capturing images of pulp objects, including fibers, and analyzing the captured images. Samples of pulp are pro ...

Martin C Riddell, Ian M Waring: Paper manufacture employing filler and acrylamide polymer conglomerates. Martin Clark Riddell, Finnegan Henderson Farabow & Garrett, January 1, 1980: US04181567 (25 worldwide citation)

A method of increasing the amount of mineral filler which can be contained in filled paper sheet produced on a papermaking machine without consequentially reducing the mechanical properties such as the tensile strength of the paper sheet comprises incorporating the mineral filler into the paper pulp ...

Martin O Saltarelli: Refiner head assembly and refining disk therefor. Beloit Corporation, Dirk J Veneman, Michael L Gill, Gerald A Mathews, July 19, 1977: US04036443 (25 worldwide citation)

A refiner head assembly of the type suitable for use in disk refiners, such as those employed in paper pulp processing. The assembly includes a backing head and a refining disk. The disk mounts reversibly between a pair of radially spaced, circumferentially extending flanges upstanding from one face ...

Kenneth M Dewing: Animal bedding nodules mode from paper pulp and method of making the same. Endurequest Corporation, Christie Parker & Hale, May 11, 1993: US05209186 (25 worldwide citation)

Described herein is a method of producing nodules from paper pulp. The method includes partially dewatering the paper pulp and tumbling the partially dewatered pulp in an externally heated enclosure until the nodules are formed. Additives may be added to the pulp prior to tumbling.

Louis O Torregrossa: Method of chemically reacting a slurry with a gas. Kamyr, Nixon & Vanderhye, December 5, 1995: US05472567 (25 worldwide citation)

A number of different, efficient treatments of slurries and liquid with gas can be provided. A slurry or liquid is introduced into a first end of a vortex. A gas--such as a chemically reactive gas--is introduced from exteriorly of the vortex into contact with the slurry or liquid in the vortex, so t ...

Evren Eryurek, Kadir Kavaklioglu: Control system using process model. Fisher Rosemount Systems, Westman Champlin & Kelly P A, August 3, 2004: US06772036 (24 worldwide citation)

A control system is provided for controlling a process for making paper or paper pulp. The process has a process product output at an end of the process. The controls include a process variable sensor input configured to receive a process variable related to the process. The controller is configured ...

Johan Gullichsen: Combined fluidizing and vacuum pump. Kamyr, Nixon & Vanderhye, October 11, 1988: US04776758 (24 worldwide citation)

A pump for medium consistency suspensions (e.g. 6-15%), such as paper pulp, simultaneously pumps and degasses the suspension. A common shaft mounts a fluidizing impeller and a vacuum pump impeller and a common wall with gas exhaust passageways is disposed between the fluidizing pump housing and vacu ...

Leblanc Peter: Centrifugal cleaner.. Ahlstroem Oy, July 8, 1992: EP0493950-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

A centrifugal cleaner has a cleaning quotient greater than .5 and a rejects by weight performance value typically of less than 5% (e.g. less than 2%) for conventional paper pulp furnish. The tangential inlet nozzle to the side wall near the top of the cleaner body has a non-circular -- preferably D- ...

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