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Open discharge, low consistency, paper pulp refiners are provided with refining plates having a pumping or positive beater bar angle to the plate radius of from 5.degree. to 25.degree., feed grooves in the face of at least one of a plate pair being plugged at the outer plate periphery and the width ...

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Neutral sizing of base paper pulp in a conventional aqueous suspension at a neutral pH for the production of sized, acid-free base paper by internal sizing with the use of aqueous cationic copolymer dispersions having a minimum cation activity of 20 .mu.mol/g of solids, more than half of the cationi ...

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Apparatus for de-inking waste paper pulp using a foam flotation process in which the deinked slurry is to be recycled for the production of paper. The old paper is pulped (slushed), mixed with water and flotation- and other chemicals, to produce a slurry which is introduced into the flotation tank. ...

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1. A security paper having threads or fibers embedded in the paper pulp and made of cellulose acetate containing a luminescent substance in even distribution, characterized in that the luminescent substance is a lanthanide chelate showing narrow-band luminescence.

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A number of different, efficient treatments of slurries and liquid with gas can be provided. A slurry or liquid is introduced into a first end of a vortex. A gas--such as a chemically reactive gas--is introduced from exteriorly of the vortex into contact with the slurry or liquid in the vortex, so t ...

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Fiber suspension, such as paper pulp flowing to the headbox of a paper machine, is acted upon by apparatus which affects the axial direction and magnitude of the speed of the fiber suspension during screening to optimize results. A rotor cooperates with a screen cylinder, the rotor having a pluralit ...

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A method of reducing the number or amount of chemical additives normally incorporated into paper pulp furnish before transferring the latter to the continuous wire mesh of a papermaking machine in the manufacture of paper sheet involves the use of a hydrolyzed proteinaceous foam which does not appre ...

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A system for determining characteristics of objects in wood pulp includes a pulp sampling and dilution system for diluting and dispersing samples of pulp, and an imaging/analysis system for capturing images of pulp objects, including fibers, and analyzing the captured images. Samples of pulp are pro ...

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In the continuous production of paper pulp from ligno-cellulose raw material, the raw material is subjected to grinding and/or delignification by passing it in the form of small pieces between interpenetrating helicoidal surfaces driven synchronously in rotation inside a casing. The pitch of the hel ...