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A number of different, efficient treatments of slurries and liquid with gas can be provided. A slurry or liquid is introduced into a first end of a vortex. A gas--such as a chemically reactive gas--is introduced from exteriorly of the vortex into contact with the slurry or liquid in the vortex, so t ...

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Fiber suspension, such as paper pulp flowing to the headbox of a paper machine, is acted upon by apparatus which affects the axial direction and magnitude of the speed of the fiber suspension during screening to optimize results. A rotor cooperates with a screen cylinder, the rotor having a pluralit ...

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A method of reducing the number or amount of chemical additives normally incorporated into paper pulp furnish before transferring the latter to the continuous wire mesh of a papermaking machine in the manufacture of paper sheet involves the use of a hydrolyzed proteinaceous foam which does not appre ...

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Open discharge, low consistency, paper pulp refiners are provided with refining plates having a pumping or positive beater bar angle to the plate radius of from 5.degree. to 25.degree., feed grooves in the face of at least one of a plate pair being plugged at the outer plate periphery and the width ...

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1. A security paper having threads or fibers embedded in the paper pulp and made of cellulose acetate containing a luminescent substance in even distribution, characterized in that the luminescent substance is a lanthanide chelate showing narrow-band luminescence.

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A control system is provided for controlling a process for making paper or paper pulp. The process has a process product output at an end of the process. The controls include a process variable sensor input configured to receive a process variable related to the process. The controller is configured ...

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A centrifugal cleaner has a cleaning quotient greater than .5 and a rejects by weight performance value typically of less than 5% (e.g. less than 2%) for conventional paper pulp furnish. The tangential inlet nozzle to the side wall near the top of the cleaner body has a non-circular -- preferably D- ...

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A method of treating medium consistency paper pulp or the like with a treament gas, such as oxygen, is provided to achieve uniform treatment results. The treatment gas is added to the pulp in finely distributed small bubbles, and the density of the suspension is measured at at least one moment, or t ...

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In the continuous production of paper pulp from ligno-cellulose raw material, the raw material is subjected to grinding and/or delignification by passing it in the form of small pieces between interpenetrating helicoidal surfaces driven synchronously in rotation inside a casing. The pitch of the hel ...

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An apparatus for purifying paper pulp in the liquid state by screening. The apparatus comprising a cylindrical fixed screen disposed coaxially with a rotor within a housing. The rotor has longitudinal blades which, in section transverse to the rotor axis, have the general shape of an angle one side ...