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A drive unit for driving a corresponding one of organic EL elements of an active matrix EL display device includes a blanking switch for blanking the video signal stored in a storage capacitor in each frame period before the start of the next frame period. A drive transistor drives a corresponding E ...

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A method of manufacturing an organic EL element according to the present invention comprises the steps of forming pixel electrodes (801), (802), (803) on a transparent substrate (804) and forming on the pixel electrodes by patterning luminescent layers (806), (807), (808) made of an organic compound ...

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An organic EL display device driven by thin-film transistors is disclosed, wherein for suppressing the deterioration with time of thin-film transistors, at least one of the thin-film transistors, or a second thin-film transistor is formed of a p-channel type thin-film transistor. The p-channel type ...

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An organic EL display device has a substrate, a plurality of organic EL elements formed on the substrate and a plurality of thin film transistors formed on the substrate. The transistors are connected to the respective EL elements for controlling current applied to the respective elements. Each of t ...

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In an organic EL display device, an organic EL multilayer structure is disposed in a gastight space defined between a substrate and a shield member and filled with an inert gas. The organic EL multilayer structure includes organic materials having a Tg of at most 140.degree. C. The shield member is ...

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In manufacturing of an organic electroluminescence (EL) display device, after first electrodes are formed on a substrate, insulating films are formed on the first electrodes except regions corresponding to light emitting portions. Spacers are formed on the insulating films, and overhanging portions ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a luminescence display device capable of compensating the threshold voltage and movement of transistors and sufficiently charging a data line.SOLUTION: A driving transistor for outputting a current for driving an organic electroluminescence (EL) element is formed in ...

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The present invention has an object to produce a pixel array comprising an organic EL device and a peripheral driving circuit on the same substrate, to facilitate the fabrication of an organic EL display device and miniaturize the display device.

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The invention provides an organic EL display device fabrication system comprising a loading side normal-pressure delivery chamber 11 including a first substrate delivery means 61 for delivering a substrate with no film formed thereon, and a loading chamber 21 connected thereto for introducing the su ...

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An amplifier circuit for generating a predetermined constant voltage required for resetting organic EL elements or capacitors is provided and an operating current switching circuit switches the operating current of the amplifier circuit to an idling current in a display period and to a steady operat ...