Robert Wagner, Kurt M Taylor, Harold A Luettgen, Jeremy James Johnson: Oral hygiene system. Water Pik, Dorsey & Whitney, May 29, 2018: US09980793

An apparatus for oral hygiene is disclosed herein. The apparatus includes a base unit containing a reservoir, an oral irrigation handle, a sonic toothbrush, and an accessory container. The apparatus may include a pump, which may move pressurized water from a reservoir to a tip in fluid communication ...



Swivel assembly for oral irrigator handle. July 27, 2017: US20170209246-A1

An oral irrigator handle has a handle housing with a swivel assembly for connection to a hose further connected to a fluid source. A tip for directing a focused stream of fluid is releasably connected to a first end of the handle. The swivel assembly is received within the housing and fluidly couple ...

Reduced form factor oral irrigator. July 27, 2017: US20170209234-A1

An oral irrigator has a removable reservoir defining a reservoir cavity, a base unit housing a motor and a pump, and a handle for directing fluid flow from the pump removably connected to the base unit and fluidly coupled to the pump by a hose. The handle has a housing defining a slot formed in an o ...