Scott Walter Guy: Systems and methods for facilitating transactions. Cross Match Technologies, Scott Walter Guy, MESSINGER MICHAEL V, January 27, 2005: WO/2005/008399 (1 worldwide citation)

Figure 1, is a diagram of a marketplace (100) that supports limited conventional transactions. In marketplace (100), users (102A-102D) carry out a variety of electronic transactions over network (120). User (102A) interfaces with a terminal (104A) at a merchant store in a retail transaction. Termina ...

Camaisa Allan, Samuelsson Jonas: System and method for blocking unauthorized network log in using stolen password. Anakam, ROGITZ John L, February 23, 2006: WO/2006/019451 (1 worldwide citation)

When a user successfully logs in to an information server (22, 104) such as an online banking server, an e-commerce server, or a VPN server, for greater security communication is transferred transparently to the user to an authentication server (106) for additional authentication. The additional aut ...

Boesgaard, Sørensen Hans Martin: Digital data authentication. Boesgaard, Sørensen Hans Martin, INSPICOS, June 19, 2008: WO/2008/071795 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for protecting a digital document and user data typed into a digital document is presented. The method comprises computation of an authentication tag when the document is sent from a server. A similar authentication tag is computed when the document is shown on a client. When another docume ...

Jorey Ramer, Adam Soroca, Dennis Doughty: Predictive text completion for a mobile communication facility. Millennial Media, Shook Hardy & Bacon L, July 11, 2017: US09703892

A system predicts a search query term, wherein the prediction is based at least in part on a plurality of keystrokes entered on a mobile communication facility and wherein the prediction is further based at least in part on information relating to the mobile communication facility and/or its user.

Ayman Hammad: Verification of portable consumer devices. Visa International Service Association, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, July 25, 2017: US09715681

Embodiments of the invention are directed to methods, systems, and computer program products pertaining to obtaining, providing, and using dynamic card verification values for portable consumer devices, such as credit cards and debit cards. An exemplary method comprises receiving, at a server, a req ...

Glenn Stuart Benson, Sean Croston: System and method for partner key management. JPMorgan Chase Bank N A, Goodwin Procter, March 28, 2017: US09608826

A system and method for implementing an interoperable credential management protocol for processing online transactions. The protocol, referred to as the Partner Key Management (PKM) protocol provides an improved alternative to traditional public key infrastructure (PKI), particularly for use in hig ...

Matthew Brezina, Adam Smith: Presentation of organized personal and public data using communication mediums. YAHOO, James J DeCarlo, Greenberg Traurig, February 28, 2017: US09584343

Systems, methods and computer program products for providing information associated with an attachment (e.g., attachment received through an instant message system, online collaboration tool, electronic message and the like). A sidebar may allow a user to view comprehensive profile and content infor ...

Tenni Theurer, Thomas Purves, Shilpak Mahadkar, Ayman Hammad: Third-party value added wallet features and interfaces apparatuses, methods and systems. VISA INTERNATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION, Loeb & Loeb, July 18, 2017: US09710807

The THIRD-PARTY VALUE ADDED WALLET FEATURES AND INTERFACES APPARATUSES, METHODS, AND SYSTEMS (“VAW”) facilitates allowing a third party service provider to integrate with an electronic wallet to provide a value-added service to a wallet consumer. The VAW may also be configured to facilitate the crea ...

Bruce Bent, Bruce Bent II, Rebecca Gareis Bent, David Edgar Gareis: Method and system for allocating deposits over a plurality of depository institutions. ISLAND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein, March 28, 2017: US09607335

A method, system, and program product, the method comprising: (1) aggregated account information FDIC aggregated deposit accounts held in a plurality of banks; (2) client account information: (1) obtaining a client available deposit amount, Di; (2) determining, a bank number tier, Ti, for the client ...

David M Grigg, Joseph Neil Johansen, Michael E Toth, Daniel Lynn Carpenter, Hood Qaim Maqami, Carrie Anne Hanson, Elizabeth S Votaw: Authentication level of function bucket based on circumstances. Bank of America Corporation, Michael A Springs, Moore & Van Allen PLLC, Patrick B Horne, May 9, 2017: US09647999

Embodiments are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for assigning a level of authentication to an authentication bucket. Embodiments determine a current level of authentication corresponding to a first authentication bucket comprising a plurality of mobile banking functions; c ...

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