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A secure transaction is carried out by a merchant application which provides details of the customer bank and the transaction amount to a host system (104) and receives a transaction identifier. The merchant provides the customer with the identifier. The customer uses the bank's online banking and e ...

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A medical system includes a network; one or more medical data collection appliances coupled to the network, each appliance transmitting data conforming to an interoperable format; and a server coupled to the network to store data for each individual in accordance with the interoperable format.

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A wireless network can include one or more nodes distributed throughout a physical environment. The locations of client devices within the wireless network can be determined based on observing measurements of wireless signals exchanged between the nodes and the client devices. In some example embodi ...

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A method for protecting a digital document and user data typed into a digital document is presented. The method comprises computation of an authentication tag when the document is sent from a server. A similar authentication tag is computed when the document is shown on a client. When another docume ...

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The present invention is banking device that has a slot on the top surface to accept coins and contains therein a locking reservoir for the collection of change. A money sorter is used to count the deposited money. The reservoir is “keyed” and can only be opened by the local bank, where an account i ...

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An improved authentication method and system is provided where a user securely accesses a variety of target servers for online email, online banking, credit card purchases, ecommerce, brokerage services, corporate databases, and online content (movies, music and software). The method involves a brid ...

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A method and system for biometric-secure online selling, buying and bill paying in electronic commerce and retail point-of-sale settings that also simplifies the checkout process and eliminates fraudulent transactions. The system relies on an exchange service provider (ESP) that hosts multiple serve ...

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The invention provides methods and apparatus for securing personalized or sensitive information appearing in digital images. Digital images containing information to be secured is processed and divided into a plurality of image cells. At least one image cell from the plurality of image cells is sele ...

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Systems and methods for fraud containment are provided in accordance with an embodiment of the invention. A fraud event may be detected. One or more devices that may be used in perpetrating the fraud event may be detected. Additionally one or more potential fraud victims, who may be grouped into vic ...

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The embodiments herein provide a secure computing resource set identification, evaluation, and management arrangement, employing in various embodiments some or all of the following highly reliable identity related means to establish, register, publish and securely employ user computing arrangement r ...