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There is disclosed a method of testing oil extraction processes including the steps of: 1) placing a sample to be tested in a sample holder which has a configurable temperature profile; 2) placing the sample holder in a pressure vessel; 3) increasing the pressure in the pressure vessel to simulate a ...

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A process for producing gaseous and liquid fuels from solid fuels by oil extraction, cracking in the presence of hot sand and treatment of products and byproducts to essentially eliminate pollution.

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Using the invented procedure, a curve representing pressure as a function of time is recorded in real time and then compared with the theoretical curve. The difference is attributed to the skin factor and the matrix treatment can thus be adjusted in real time until it reaches the desired skin value. ...

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Method and system for making a spherical proppant having a selected grade from a naturally occurring mined mineral having a hardness of over 6.0 Mohs. The method and system involves preprocessing the mineral mechanically into a semi-dry feedstock comprising a mass of particles with initial sphericit ...

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[en] Disclosed is an integrated waste usage and energy production system comprising the following subsequent, connected units: (a) an anaerobic digester unit (b) a liquid-solid separator unit (c) a refinery unit (d) an algae bioreactor unit (e) an oil extraction unit further comprising, in connectio ...

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Oil is extracted from mustard or rape seeds by solvent, e.g hexane, without the application of heat to the seed, in order to preserve the enzyme myrosin it contains; the resultant meal may be mixed with water for complete hydrolysis of the thioglucosides in the meal by the enzyme myrosin; after stea ...

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