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A method of simultaneously hydrolyzing spent coffee grounds and extracting the coffee oil therefrom is disclosed. Spent coffee grounds are slurried in water and the pH is adjusted by the addition of an acid to the slurry. A water-immiscible oil solvent is combined with and dispersed as fine droplets ...

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The use of a surfactant mixture comprising at least one surfactant having a hydrocarbon radical composed of from 12 to 30 carbon atoms and at least one cosurfactant having a branched hydrocarbon radical composed of from 6 to 11 carbon atoms for tertiary mineral oil extraction.

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A horizontal centrifuge comprising a plurality of water outlet nozzles (1) which cross the inlet head (16) disposed on the oily slurry supply side, a plurality of oil outlet radial nozzles (15) arranged on the drum (3), a plurality of oil outlet radial nozzles (12) which are located downstream of th ...

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An apparatus for collecting floatable liquids such as oil and gasoline, in particular in the case of oil-contaminated or gasoline-contaminated water surfaces. The apparatus includes a collecting container which is vat-like or cylindrical and which is immersed into the water surface; an annular float ...

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Potato strips are immersed in difluorodichloromethane at minus 21.6.degree. F. for 11 seconds prior to being leached in water at 125.degree. F. for 20 minutes in order to effect maximum crispness and rigidity in the final product. Said strips are then par-fried and subsequently immersed with agitati ...

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A method and apparatus for stimulating heavy oil production from anoil bearing formation. The method includes the steps of placing a downholeheater in the formation adjacent to the oil producing zone to heat heattransfer fluid and then energizing the downhole heater. The method furtherincludes the s ...

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