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The process and apparatus are for removing a solute from a solute-bearing solid product by means of a solvent which remains in liquid state throughout the entire oil extraction process. In one embodiment, the solvent is normally in gazeous state at ambient temperature and pressure values, but is use ...

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A downhole tool for use in recovering a first fluid from a mixture of fluids in a confined space, comprising a collector for the mixture, separator means for receiving the mixture from the collector and for separating the first fluid from the mixture, means for expanding the volume of the residual f ...

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A method of simultaneously hydrolyzing spent coffee grounds and extracting the coffee oil therefrom is disclosed. Spent coffee grounds are slurried in water and the pH is adjusted by the addition of an acid to the slurry. A water-immiscible oil solvent is combined with and dispersed as fine droplets ...

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A threaded metallic pipe for oil extraction industry has a threaded end portion with treated surface in which the metal surface has a roughness (Ra) comprised of 2,0 [mu]m and 6,0 [mu]m, which is covered by a uniform layer (7) of a dry corrosion inhibiting coating and a second uniform layer (8) of d ...

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Heavy oil or bitumen extracted and removed fromunderground oil bearing formations having low permeabilitysuch as tar sands by injection of hot hydrocarbon solventvapor into a single well hole at a pressure not substantiallyexceeding the pressure in the formation to effecti ...

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An integrated process has been developed for producing diesel boiling range fuel from renewable feedstocks such as animal and plant oils and using a byproduct naphtha as an extraction solvent in the generation of the renewable feedstock. The process involves treating a renewable feedstock by hydroge ...

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A method of extracting cholesterol from a milk product by shearing a mixture of oil:milk product in a ratio of between about 1:99 to about 1:4 and separating the decholesterolized milk product and oil phases.

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The injectability of injection wells can be increased in oil extraction by means of water flooding, by injecting a solution, dispersion, or emulsion of carboxymethylated oxethylates of the formula

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A process for solvent extraction of oils, in an extraction chamber, comprises the formation of a solvent mist with significant adiabatic cooling, whereby a pressure difference between the solvent inlet and outlet of the extraction chamber drives the solvent mist through the raw oil bearing. The solv ...