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A scroll type compressor has a fixed scroll member, a movable scroll member, an oil reservoir, a back-pressure chamber, an oil extraction passage, a flow passage, and a partition wall. The back-pressure chamber disposed behind the movable scroll member is in communication with a discharge chamber. T ...

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A reverse phase extraction method for the recovery of triglycerides from aqueous slurries of algae is described herein. The present invention discloses the use of immobilized anion exchange and lipid binding resins. As the algae flows past the resin, triglycerides adhere while the bulk of the algae ...

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The present invention reported that SFE is suitable for Nigella sativa seeds oil extraction and fractionation. TQRF that were produced through SFE extractions (600 bars/40° C.) and fractionations (100-200 bars/40-60° C.) possessed high level of TQ and antioxidant activity. SFE fractionation efficien ...

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A process, product, and product by process related to sonic welding, for quickly, compressing, shaping, and decarboxylating cannabinoids; preferably from Cannabis; for oral ingestion without using any liquids or solvents; such process breaks down the Cannabis plant's cellulosic structure; increasing ...

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