Mitsutoshi Aritomi: Oil-modified alkyd resin compositions. Mitsubishi Petrochemical Company, Robert E Burns, Emmanuel J Lobato, Bruce L Adams, April 3, 1979: US04147675 (10 worldwide citation)

A paint composition comprises (A) 30 to 70 percent by weight of an oil-modified alkyd resin of an oil length of 30 to 70 percent which has been modified with sorbic acid, crotonic acid, or 2-(.beta.-furyl) acrylic acid, the content of which is 0.5 to 30 percent by weight and (B) 70 to 30 percent by ...


Printing ink binders containing catalysts. Bayer, August 30, 1973: GB1328736-A

1328736 Oil-modified alkyd resin compositions BAYER AG 27 Sept 1971 [30 Oct 1970 24 April 1971] 44935/71 Heading C3R A printing ink binder which hardens in ultraviolet light comprises 5-97% by weight of airdrying oil-modified alkyd resin, in which the oil constituent comprises dehydrated castor oil, ...

Oil-modified alkyd resin compositions. Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co, August 19, 1981: GB1595933-A

L'invention concerne des compositions de résine d'alkyde modifiée par l'huile.