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A nose mask assembly for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea which is comprised of a nose mask adapted to be sealed over the nose of a patient, an inlet for supplying a continuous positive pressure of air to the mask and a threshold valve to release air from the mask.

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A mouth nose mask used in combination with an inhalation therapy and/or breathing monitoring apparatus, the mask is mounted on the face of a patient independently of a nasal cannula and over the cannula without impeding its function. The mask makes it possible for the cannula to carry out a dual fun ...

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A nose mask for administering one or more gases such as oxygen to a human being comprises, in combination, (I) a shell having a front portion, a rear portion and a first opening comprising substantially the entire horizontal area beneath the wearer's nose and (II) a hollow gas delivery tube containi ...

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A comfortable, leak-resistant CPAP nose mask (10) is provided having a soft, resilient, synthetic resin body (12) and an air source connection fitting (14). The body (12) presents an internal nose-receiving cavity (20) as well as a generally triangular nose entrance opening (16) and a spaced, oppose ...

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A method and apparatus for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea wherein a continuous positive pressure is supplied to a nose mask from a threshold valve via a flexible tube, and air is discharged from the mask via vent holes in the mask for rapid discharge of exhaled air.

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A respiration device for preventing Sleep Apnea and snoring of patients. The device comprises a nose-mask and a housing with an inhalation and an exhalation, one-way, elastically self-closing, preferably diaphragm-type valves. The exhalation valve is adapted to close against a predetermined, elevate ...

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A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) apparatus for treatment of sleep apnea stores data indicating patient compliance with the prescribed mode of use. The apparatus includes a tubular probe positioned transversely in the conduit between the blower and nose mask. The probe tip is configured f ...

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A typical embodiment of the invention provides a sturdy, lightweight, inexpensive and comfortable warmer for fresh breathing air. An heat exchanger that is sufficiently flexible to conform with the shape of a wearer's scalp is secured to the wearer's head by means of a pullover cap. In this way the ...

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A nose mask manufacturing procedure, e.g. for treating apnoea, consists of moulding a semi-fluid silicone shell (3) directly on the patient's nose and incorporating two ring joints in line with the nostrils at this stage. After catalysing of the shell the ring joints are pierced, the shell is covere ...

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The device comprises a respiratory gas generator including means for establishing, during an inspiratory stage and in a supply pipe leading to an inspiratory orifice associated with an expiratory valve, a pressure of a respiratory gas which is substantially constant irrespective of the flow of inspi ...