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Discs 8 carrying optically coded information 4 with a reading side and an abverse non-reading side have a label 7, in the form of an annular, information carrying, sheet of material adhesively secured to the surface of the non-reading side. The ladel 7 may be annular sheet of paper carrying printed ...

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A method is disclosed for application of compositions onto non-woven webs, such as paper webs. The present invention is also directed to products made from the process. In general, the method includes applying a composition to a non-woven web using a non-impact printer, such as an ink jet printer. T ...

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A non-impact printing method with selective emission of solid ink particles is disclosed. A rod of solid ink is spring-pressed in an insulating housing against an end wall with a nozzle therein. A pulsed high voltage applied between the ink rod and a counter-electrode (which can be behind a paper ta ...

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The invention relates to a printing assembly which has print heads, each of which specifies application positions for printing fluid. A transport path is provided for the printing substrate through the printing assembly and is defined by at least two guide elements of the printing assembly. A printi ...

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This specification describes a composition for coating on a substrate, such as paper, useful for inkjet printing with ink having an anionic dye. The coating comprises a cationic binder and preferably pigment. The binder may be made of latex forming cationic biopolymer particles, for example made fro ...

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A printable recording media that contains a substrate, an ink receiving layer having a (WT)IR factor of less than 0.9 on the image side of the substrate, and a curvature control layer having a the (WT)CC of less than 0.6, on the backside side of the substrate. The printable recording media has an R ...

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A photo-curable ink composition including colorant, water, photo-initiator, UV curable polyurethane dispersions, hydrophobic radiation-curable monomers and water-soluble or water-miscible radiation curable monomers. Also disclosed herein is a method for forming a printed article and an inkjet printi ...

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A fabric print medium containing a fabric base substrate and a primer layer composition applied to the fabric base substrate. Said primer layer composition includes at least three types of polymeric particles, at least two different fire retardant agents and a water-soluble high-valence metal comple ...

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An inkjet printing method includes providing an inkjet composition, which includes a radiation curable monomer or oligomer, a photo-initiator, and an inhibitor present in an amount sufficient to prevent full curing of the radiation curable monomer or oligomer during an initial exposure to a curing e ...

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Methods of printing articles using a photo-curable adhesion promoter and varnish composition jetted onto a media substrate, and a printed article are described.