Mary P Quin: Nickel/titanium/vanadium shape memory alloy. Raychem Corporation, Ira D Blecker, James W Peterson, Herbert G Burkard, March 19, 1985: US04505767 (143 worldwide citation)

Nickel/titanium alloys having a nickel:titanium atomic ratio between about 1:02 and 1:13 and a vanadium content between about 4.6 and 25.0 atomic percent show constant stress versus strain behavior due to stress-induced martensite in the range from about 0.degree. to 60.degree. C.

Liu Guanglei, Li Xiaowei, Si Songhai, Yang Song, Qi Keyao: Heat treatment process for improving superelasticity of nickel-titanium-vanadium memory alloy. Zhenjiang Yinuowei Shape Memory Alloys, October 3, 2012: CN201210210791

The invention relates to a heat treatment process for improving the superelasticity of a nickel-titanium-vanadium memory alloy, and belongs to the field of memory alloys. The process is characterized by comprising the following steps of: performing heat treatment on the nickel-titanium-vanadium shap ...

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