Geoffrey B Rhoads: Network linking method using steganographically embedded data objects. Digimarc Corporation, Marger Johnson McCollom & Stolowitz P C, November 24, 1998: US05841978 (504 worldwide citation)

A given data object can effectively contain both a graphical representation to a network user and embedded information, such as the URL address of another network node, thereby to permit the object itself to serve as an automated hot link. The underlying development tools and web site browsers creat ...

Steven M Hoffberg: System and method for determining contingent relevance. Steven M Hoffberg Esq, Ostrolenk Faber, November 14, 2017: US09818136

A system and method providing for communication and resolution of utility functions between participants, wherein the utility function is evaluated based on local information at the recipient to determine a cost value thereof. A user interface having express representation of both information elemen ...

Fernando Incertis Carro: System and method for enhancing recorded radio or television programs with information on the world wide web. YAHOO, James J DeCarlo, Greenberg Traurig, March 7, 2017: US09591362

The present invention is directed to a system, method and computer program for enabling a user (100) (an auditor or a viewer) to access complementary information related to one or a plurality of sequences or topics of interest (102) in a recorded program (103) previously broadcast on the radio or te ...

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