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To include a focused ion beam apparatus fabricating a sliced specimen by processing a specimen as well as observing the sliced specimen, a scanning electron microscope observing the slice specimen, a gas-ion beam irradiation apparatus performing finishing processing by irradiating a gas-ion beam ont ...

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Methods and systems are presented for constructing biological-scale hierarchically structured cortical statistical memory systems using currently available fabrication technology and meta-stable switching devices. Learning content-addressable memory and statistical random access memory circuits are ...

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A universal logic gate apparatus is disclosed, which include a plurality of self-assembling chains of nanoparticles having a plurality of resistive connections, wherein the plurality of self-assembling chains of nanoparticles comprise resistive connects utilized to create A plasticity mechanism is a ...

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The following invention pertains to the introduction of a gas (or fluid) around a MEMS cantilever (f100) having an SPM probe or Nanotool (TM) to control chemical activity, e.g. oxygen to promote oxidation, argon to inhibit oxidation or clean dry air (CDA) to inhibit moisture to control static chargi ...

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Nanostructured non-stoichiometric materials are disclosed. Novel sensing materials and their applications are discussed. More specifically, the specifications teach the use of nanotechnology and nanostructured materials for developing novel sensing devices and products.

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Described are methods for implementing customer designs in programmable logic devices (PLDs). The defect tolerance of these methods makes them particularly useful with the adoption of “nanotechnology” and molecular-scale technology, or “molectronics.” Test methods identify alternative physical inter ...

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In a method of making a lamina specimen, first and second ion beams are simultaneously used to sputter etch first and second side walls of a lamina region at the same time under first and second ion beam conditions. A scanning ion microscope observation of the lamina region is made using the second ...

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An electronic lock incorporating one or more shape memory metal wire segment as its electromechanical transducer. An electronic control circuit injects electrical current into the shape memory metal wire, causing it to heat up and contract. A gate is positioned by the action of the shape memory meta ...

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An electronic sensor unit (1) has a MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Sensor) or nanotechnology physical or chemical status sensor (13) that unlocks data transmission over an RFID tag wireless interface (11) to a local read unit (2, 3) also providing power when the electrical status value (c) exceeds a ...