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Nanostructured non-stoichiometric materials are disclosed. Novel biomedical materials and their applications are discussed. More specifically, the specifications teach the use of nanotechnology and nanostructured materials for developing novel biomedical products.

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Nano-engineered devices exhibiting quantum effect and methods for forming such devices from nanomaterials are disclosed. Multilaminated sensing, piezoelectric, photonic, biomedical and thermal devices are taught. The composition included are chalcogenides, oxides, nitrides, borides, carbides, phosph ...

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Illustrations are provided on applications and usage of electrically activated catalysts. Methods are disclosed for preparing catalysts from nanomaterials. Processes and devices are described that utilize catalysts. The invention can also be applied to improve the performance of existing catalysts, ...

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This invention relates to the field of nanotechnology. Specifically the invention describes a method for cutting a multiplicity of nano-structures to uniform dimensions of length, length and width, or area, or to a specific distribution of lengths or area using various cutting techniques.

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A nanocomposite structure comprising a nanostructured filler or carrier intimately mixed with a matrix, and methods of making such a structure. The nanostructured filler has a domain size sufficiently small to alter an electrical, magnetic, optical, electrochemical, chemical, thermal, biomedical, or ...

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This invention generally relates to nanotechnology and nanoelectronics as well as associated methods and devices. In particular, the invention relates to nanoscale optical components such as electroluminescence devices (e.g., LEDs), amplified stimulated emission devices (e.g., lasers), waveguides, a ...

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Silicon-germanium-based compositions comprising silicon, germanium, and carbon (i.e., Si--Ge--C), methods for growing Si--Ge--C epitaxial layer(s) on a substrate, etchants especially suitable for Si--Ge--C etch-stops, and novel methods of use for Si--Ge--C compositions are provided. In particular, t ...

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A physical neural network is disclosed, which includes a connection network comprising a plurality of molecular conducting connections suspended within a connection gap formed between one or more input electrodes and one or more output electrodes. One or more molecular connections of the molecular c ...

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Post-processing methods for nanoparticles are disclosed. Methods for real time quality control of nanoscale powder manufacture are discussed. Uses of post-processed particles and consolidation methods are disclosed. Disclosed methods can enable commercial use of nanoscale powders in wide range of na ...

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Size-confined nanocomposite powders and methods for their manufacture are provided by coating fine powders with a nanoscale powder of a different composition. The nanocomposite plastics disclosed offer performance characteristics approaching those of metals and alloys. The nanocomposite powders are ...