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A support for bracing the musculo-tendinous units in the upper and lower extremities of humans especially for the prevention of 'tennis elbow.' A flexible, arcuately shaped pad especially adapted to be tightly wrapped about a muscle without slippage is constructed of a two layer laminate of cloth an ...

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A lumbar support heating/cooling support belt is adapted to be worn over the lumbar spine and around the back of the user for back pain. The support has one pocket in the lower back section of the support. The pocket is capable of removably receiving a packet to create a thermal change in the pocket ...

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Disclosed is a non surgical method of modulating spinal curvature in developing vertebrates. Agents capable of temporarily interfering with neuromuscular transmission, e.g., botulinum toxin, are injected into the musculature of the back to create an imbalance in the muscular support of the developin ...

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A support for bracing the musculo-tendinous units in the lower extremities of humans especially around the knee and foot comprised of a flexible, curvilinear pad of substantial width especially adapted to be tightly wrapped about a muscle in such extremities without slippage and constructed of a two ...

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A fabric comprising a blend of at least one polyester fiber and at least one elastic fiber for making postoperative garments, athletic garments, and other garments where it is desirable to provide for enhanced muscular support, performance, injury prevention, and comfort. The fabric has an elasticit ...

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Athletic foot apparel essentially in the form of a sock includes portions adapted to provide muscular support to the calf and ankle and a padded bottom portion for effectively absorbing shocks imparted to the foot during athletic activity. The ankle and calf portions include a layer of elastic mater ...

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A light emitting module and massage device provide vaginal rejuvenation. The device exposes collagen in the vaginal area or mucosa to temperatures elevated over normal body temperature to cause the collagen to reversibly or irreversibly denature while simultaneously applying vibration. Once thermall ...

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Provided are methods of treating or improving neurological conditions and/or outcomes thereof in a subject afflicted with a neurological condition. The methods include placement of a device comprising at least two calibrated, differential disturbances or protuberances under the subject's foot.

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A garment for wear by a person and a garment system of garments includes bands and elastic portions to apply tension and support to muscle groups when the garment is worn by a wearer. The garments include a vest with crossed back bands within the garment that are selectively fastenable to the exteri ...

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The present invention provides a modulating chest support structure for dispersing and supporting a shifting load wherein said support structure includes a lateral torso restraint band having a pair of ends each presenting a breast interface pair each of which is spaced by a pivotal support member a ...