Eric E Docter, William D Hofmann, Paul E Hurley: Multi-stage data filtering system employing multiple filtering criteria. Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, December 11, 2001: US06330610 (77 worldwide citation)

A data filtering system is provided that filters data in multiple stages. The system provides a first filter criteria to a first device. The first device uses the first filter criteria to generate a first set of filtered data. The system receives the first set of filtered data from the first device ...

Marc E Davis, Matthew G Dyor, William Gates, Xuedong Huang, Roderick A Hyde, Edward K Y Jung, Jordin T Kare, Royce A Levien, Qi Lu, Mark A Malamud, Nathan P Myhrvold, Satya Nadella, Daniel Reed, Harry Shum, Clarence T Tegreene, Lowell L Wood Jr: Context-sensitive query enrichment. Elwha, February 14, 2017: US09569439 (2 worldwide citation)

Structures and protocols are presented for facilitating a search partly based on a movement status of a search-capable device or on a position of a person's limb or on an association with another search-capable device.