Flory John F, Beazley Raymond A, Pedersen Kristen I: Multi-product swivel joint. Esso Research and Engineering Company, Paris F Donald, October 1, 1974: US3838718 (12 worldwide citation)

A multi-product fluid swivel assembly for handling more than one cargo flow at a time, for use in single anchor leg mooring systems where deballasting to shore is required, where bunkering is desired, or where it is desired to handle more than one product simultaneously. The fluid swivel assembly in ...

Multi-product swivel joint for mooring systems. Exxon Research Engineering Co, October 13, 1976: GB1452658-A (2 worldwide citation)

1452658 Mooring system for tankers EXXON RESEARCH & ENG CO 30 Aug 1974 38035/74 Heading E1H A swivel joint, e.g. in a single buoy mooring having a base 12 on the sea bed and a fixed central shaft 18 to which a buoy 10 is attached, comprises a swivelling housing 46 to which are connected at least two ...

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