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The subject disclosure pertains to the communications configuration of programmable logic controller modules in an industrial automation environment. Systems and methods are provided that automatically enables a programmable logic controller module to operate on a communications network once communi ...

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Systems and methods are provided for sample processing. A device may be provided, capable of receiving the sample, and performing one or more of a sample preparation, sample assay, and detection step. The device may be capable of performing multiple assays. The device may comprise one or more module ...

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A cloud-based industrial application provisioning system is provided. The industrial application provisioning system can reside on a cloud platform and be made available to developers and end users with access privileges to the cloud platform. Application developers can publish industrial applicatio ...

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Aspects of the present disclosure relate to determining a layout of a racetrack that forms part of an RF isolation structure of a packaged module and the resulting RF isolation structures. The racetrack layout can be determined based on identifying low radiating areas of a module and/or areas of a m ...

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A luminaire and reflector module for the luminaire are disclosed wherein the reflector has a base plate defining a plurality of reflector light source apertures and a plurality of reflectors extending integrally and individually from the base plate adjacent to the light source apertures.

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Mobile phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. Some aspects relate to visual search capabilities, and determining appropriate actions responsive to different image inputs. Ot ...

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A data collection system for distributing data from at least one target asset to at least one software application, comprising a machine platform and a data routing system. The machine platform stores data associated with the at least one target asset. The data routing system collects data from the ...

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A system to provide privacy from third party vehicles includes a radio circuit configured to send a privacy indication in a beacon frame; and a movable device including a radio circuit to receive the beacon frame and a motor actuator controlled to comply with the privacy indication.