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A cordless rechargeable replaceable battery assembly powered drive assembly for driving orthopedic surgical instruments in which the battery has silver and zinc oxide electrodes in sodium hydroxide electrolyte to provide low voltage high current power. The switch is encased in the battery assembly, ...

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New sorbent sheet products are prepared comprising a coherent web of entangled blown fibers prepared by extruding liquid fiber-forming material into a high-velocity gaseous stream and an array of super absorbent polymeric particles dispersed within the web.

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An externally worn body device adapted to be magnetically held supercutaneously with a case being separable into first and second parts and being releasably secured together. The case contains a magnetic device for magnetically holding the case in a supercutaneous position with the magnetic field st ...

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A surgical instrument including a reusable handle and a removable sheathed blade assembly comprising an elongate sheath with a plurality of elongate surgical blades longitudinally received within said sheath and selectively projectable therefrom along guided paths for exposure of the working heads o ...

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Ceramic abrasive grits comprising alpha alumina and at least about 0.5 percent by weight rare earth metal oxide are prepared by combining alumina hydrate and rare earth metal oxide or its precursors to produce a blend, drying the blend to produce a dried solid, crushing the dried solid to produce gr ...

Edward L Landrus: Stapling tool. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, William D Bauer, April 19, 1983: US04380312 (265 worldwide citation)

A tool for applying fasteners to fasten an article to the workpiece. A compressible foot is provided to limit the drive distance of a plunger to position dependent upon the thickness of the article. A drive groove in the tool provides support for the fastener until it is driven into the workpiece. T ...

David L Braun: Particle-loaded microfiber sheet product and respirators made therefrom. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Alexander Sell Steldt & DeLaHunt, July 27, 1976: US03971373 (259 worldwide citation)

A self-supporting durable flexible conformable low-pressure-drop porous sheet product that contains a uniform three-dimensional arrangement of discrete solid particles. This sheet product comprises, in addition to the particles, a web of melt-blown microfibers in which the particles are uniformly di ...

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A mushroom-type hook strip for a hook-and-loop fastener has a flexible backing of thermoplastic resin and, integral with backing, an array of upstanding stems distributed across at least one face of the backing, each having a mushroom head. The stems have a molecular orientation as evidenced by a bi ...

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Novel photosolubilizable compositions and their preparation are described. These compositions comprise (1) a water-insoluble compound containing one or more acid-degradable groups, and (2) a photoinitiator comprising a photolyzable acid progenitor. Presensitized elements utilizing these photosolubil ...

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A light directing film including a first surface and a second structured surface. The structured surface includes a repeating pattern of prism zones including at least a first zone having a plurality of prism elements with peaks disposed at a first distance from a reference plane and a second zone h ...